Summer Fun: 5 Tips for A Fun Garden Party

As summer rolls around, many people will be looking for ideas for hosting get-togethers at home to make the most of the good weather and an excuse to get the grill out.

The longer days and warmer nights are perfect for hosting guests and celebrating good times from birthdays, graduation, Mother's Day, or just because it's the weekend. Whatever your reason for hosting a garden party, these tips can go a long way to making it a bash to remember.


Are you going to have a theme for your party, or is it more of a small gathering to catch up? Either way, having some decoration or stylish garden decor can help you to create the perfect vibe. From hanging string lights to create a cozy ambiance around a fire pit to toast marshmallows to brightly colored tropical decorations to throw an exotic, vibrant party and floral arrangements for a more natural look to compliment a home wedding or anniversary party, for example. Get your theme narrowed down so you can choose the right decor.


While it is important for your guests to mingle and enjoy themselves, it's also a good idea to ensure everyone has somewhere to sit if they so wish, from casual seating to dining chairs, sun loungers, or even oversized bean bags to throw on the grass. Whatever you choose to go with for your theme, ensure everyone can sit down without taking another guest's chair.

Food & Drink

It's obviously not a party without food and drink, and even if you're ordering pizzas for everyone, you still need food. Once you have your guest list and theme squared away, you can begin to look at food options for everyone. From prepping the grill and marinating meats ahead of the bash for the perfect BBQ to whipping up some fun fruity summer salads and desserts, such as trying out this stunning homemade strawberry and lemonade cake recipe, take some time to plan the perfect menu and ensure our guests have some great food they can enjoy.

And let's not forget the drinks too. Even if you are asking your guests to bring their own, having a supply of soft drinks, water, and juices can be handy to have to hand for non-alcoholic choices and to ensure hydration.

Sun Protection & Safety

How will you be protecting your guests from the weather? Especially young children? Ensuring you have shaded spaces from parasols, awnings, or even trees. This can help to avoid sunburn and sunstroke. As a side note, it can be with ensuring you have plenty of sun protection products to hand too. This can be helpful if people will be spending long periods outdoors or the weather is exceptionally hot.

A good tip for those using hoses to cool guests down or for water parties is to run the hose for a few minutes before using it on people, as any water in the hose could become hot and potentially cause burns. So run it off onto the floor until it is cool, then enjoy!


Last but not least, you want your guests to have a good time, and part of creating the perfect party vibe has music. Decide ahead of time what type of music you want to be played and how you will play it. Hiring speakers to create a playlist on your phone or hooking up your smart home system to play music through your connected devices such as phones and TVs can help you to fill the silence and ensure you carry the vibe right throughout the whole house.


There are many different aspects you need to think about when it comes to holding a great summer party. These tips can help you to get started and ensure your party is a hit for all the right reasons.

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