How To Keep Your Tech Tidy

From loose electronic accessories to knotted cables, there are many sources of tech-related mess in our homes. Below are just a few ways to keep your hardware neat and tidy. 

Tame your cables

No one likes having to untangle cables. Messy masses of cables can also be an eyesore and even a trip hazard in some cases. Consider finding ways to organize your cables so that they’re less of a mess. Permanently situated cables can be installed to the wall via trunks and hooks. Cable ties can meanwhile be used to keep masses of cables together. When it comes to loose cables like chargers and extension leads, consider keeping designated drawers or baskets for them. Be wary of tying cables into a knot as this could cause premature wear. This cable management tutorial offers a few better tips for organizing loose cables including using a drum roller. 

Opt for wireless tech

A great way to eliminate the mess of cables is to opt for wireless tech wherever possible. Speakers, headphones, console controllers, keyboards, and mice can all be bought wireless nowadays. A downside of buying wireless tech does that mean having to keep it charged, which also means collecting extra cables. However, many chargers have the same charger heads and offer the same voltage, so you can use them interchangeably - meaning that you don’t necessarily need a different charger for each individual device. Just double-check that a charger is suitable for other devices before you start getting rid of chargers. 

Organize your remotes

Do you have multiple TV remotes? Are you constantly losing specific remotes? There are many ways to organize your remotes. One option is to buy a remote holder in which you can place all your remotes in so that you never lose them. Meanwhile, for those that want to minimize remote clutter, there’s the option of switching to a universal remote. Used with an app, you can control all the tech in your home from a single remote. Just make sure that this remote doesn’t get lost. 

Buy cases for accessories

Certain gadgets may come with lots of loose accessories. This includes camera accessories, musical instrument cables/pedals, laptop accessories, and even electric razor extensions. Keep all these accessories together by buying purpose-built cases for these items. You’re less likely to lose accessories by doing this and you can reduce clutter from gadget accessories. 

Sell/donate old gadgets

Are you hoarding gadgets and accessories that you no longer use? This could include old phones, excess cables, unused appliances, and defunct old tech like personal organizers. Providing that they still work, some of these old gadgets could be sold to make some extra money. Alternatively, if they’re not worth much and you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling them, you could consider donating them. If gadgets are broken or useless, you may still be able to sell them for parts - there are many sites online willing to buy old gadgets for this purpose.

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