5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Family Mealtime Easier

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Modern life means we often don't have enough time to do what we need to throughout the day. And dinner is one of them. But here are some guaranteed ways you can make mealtime easier.

Try to Make Different Things

Regular dinners can easily get boring for both you and the kids. The best approach to rekindle your enthusiasm for healthy cooking, though, is occasionally to explore new ideas and try something new. Use fresh things you haven't used before, such as spices, vegetables, or condiments. Make this quick and simple quiche Lorraine that's sure to impress. Meals like this are excellent for using up ingredients. And to cut down on waste, you can freeze them.

Add Some Color for the Kids

Kids love to get involved. But you have to come up with ways to keep it fun for them, or they can be a nightmare in the kitchen. Your kids will like your meal more if it's on a colorful plate, and you're likely to eat more fruits and vegetables if it's on a colorful plate, too. Mix colors together, like green, red, and orange. This will add more variety to a meal and make it easier to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. You can also use up your canned vegetables.

Make Family Mealtime Easier with Routine

Shockingly, only half of the families regularly eat together. But it helps if your family makes a habit of sitting down for meals together every day. This means that TVs, toys, and especially phones should not be on the table. When having dinner together, phones and other hand-held devices must be put away. What's the point if you don't? It helps to have dinner at the same time every day so the kids know when to turn off their screens and come downstairs to enjoy meals.

Focus on the Children

When it's dinner time, it can be hard to get younger kids to behave. But once they get used to it, they will learn quickly. Even if a child doesn't eat much of a new food, it's good to praise them for trying it. Depending on how old they are, gently encourage kids to eat on their own. Also, rushing the kids to eat quickly will not help them enjoy their family meal time. So let kids eat at their own pace. If you don't, they might not enjoy dinner time, which could lead to problems.

Do It All Together

Getting your kids involved in choosing and making family meals makes them more likely to eat them. It can also help you deal with picky eaters and get kids to try new things. Even very young kids can help make meals for the family. They can, for example, wash fruits and vegetables or toss salads. Also, they can help set the table. Older kids and teens might like trying out new recipes and cooking once a week for the family. This will teach them valuable skills for later on.


Family dinner becomes tedious if you don't do it often. But you can make family mealtime easier by trying different things, establishing a meal routine, and enjoying meals together.

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