Tops Tips For Taking Care of Your Glasses

Anyone who has ever bought a new pair of glasses knows how hard it can be to keep them in great shape. So here are some top tips on how to take care of your glasses that should help them last longer and look better.

Everyday Care 

Every day, you should clean your glasses with a lens cloth and lens cleaner to get rid of light dirt. Once you're done cleaning your lenses, make sure to wipe them dry with your lens cloth or a clean, soft tissue so that residue doesn't build up. If you're not going to use your glasses right away, just leave them out to dry in the air. Don't dry them against clothes or anything else rough.

Keeping Them Clean 

Use lukewarm running water and a drop of pH-neutral dish soap to clean both the lenses and the frames of your glasses. Always hold your glasses on the side of the frame that you are cleaning. This will help keep them from getting bent or broken. To keep your glasses as clean and healthy as possible, you should also clean the sides of the frames and the nose pads on the bridge.

Check The Fixtures 

The way your glasses' frames work is just as important as the lenses, so make absolutely sure they are in good shape and don't bend out of place or get out of balance. Make sure the screws that hold the frames together aren't loose, and if they are, use a small screwdriver to gently tighten them if you need to. If they need repairing, you can get in touch with Fast-Fix.

Keep Them In A Case 

Even though it seems obvious, putting your glasses in a case will do a lot to keep them in good shape. Keep your glasses case with you at all times, and never put your glasses in a jumbled purse or backpack where they could get scratched or even broken.

Taking Care Of your Glasses 

Take extra care at home to keep your glasses from getting broken by accident. You know who you are if you fall asleep with your glasses on or if you lose them and then sit on them. Read our best advice:

    • Don't take your glasses out of their case when you're not wearing them. That's what the case is for! This will keep them from getting hurt.

    • Don't put your glasses on top of your head. If they fall off, they could break. This can also make them work harder

    • Always use both hands to take off your glasses so you don't stretch them and make them loose.

    • Take off your glasses before you spray hair products to protect the lenses. Also, try not to get any spray in your eyes.

    • Do you need to screw your glasses back together? Place the frames on a stable surface and tighten the screws carefully so you don't slip and hurt the lenses or your hands.

These tips should help you to keep your glasses clean and ready to use. Do you have any other tips that might help? We’d love to hear them below.

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