Planning The Perfect Movie Night

Going to the movies as a family might not be possible due to the high cost involved. Plan movie nights with your family at home using a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, rather than shelling out at least fifty dollars for each family admission to the theatre.

What are the ingredients for the perfect movie night with the family? Have a look at some of our most useful hints and suggestions.

1. Prepare in advance

It is often difficult to improvise when it comes to planning movie evenings since there are so many activities to coordinate. Check the schedule to ensure that your plans for a movie night will not be derailed by something like soccer practice, a dance class, or horse riding lessons. 

2. Stock up on snacks

For reasons that should be obvious, popcorn is everyone's go-to snack when they watch movies at home. Try specialty popcorn flavors or add your favorite candy to your usual popcorn. Nachos, hot dogs, and pizza are also good and more substantial snacks. 

3. Prepare your environment

Gather all of your warm blankets, prepare popcorn cones and paper bags, and organize all of your refreshments into a single location so that you will have everything you need to enjoy the movie and no one will have to get up during it. The fewer interruptions there are, the better. This also includes putting away your phones and ensuring that movie night is an electronics-free zone so that you can all have the same experience together.

4. Vary your approach

Why do not you hang a sheet out in the backyard, rent a projector, and then pile it on your bed to watch the movie instead? You can even have a picnic while watching a movie on the floor of the theatre. There is no rule that says everyone has to sit together on the couch for movie night. Have fun with it, do not be afraid to think outside the box, and shake things up a little bit!

5. Watch the film

Put it in play by pressing the button on the remote, and kick back and relax! Stay and watch the full movie with your kids; it will definitely make a difference in their lives, even if they do not act like it! Do not give in to the temptation of leaving your kids to their own devices. Moreover, we are all aware that the laundry pile never gets any smaller when you have children, so there is no point in worrying about it.

6. Think of including activities that are related to the film afterward

Coloring pages, puzzles, and even discussion questions can be found by doing a quick search on Google for activities that are printable and linked to the movie that you are currently watching. These easy activities are a wonderful way to get families to talk to one another and start a conversation about the ideas that are presented in the movie.

Take yourself completely out of the world for a little while, and just watch and grin as your kids get swept up in the enchantment of the movie and forget about the rest of the world — at least until the credits roll.

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