Tips to Stay Active Through Seasonal Changes

Woman running through the park in winter - Image Courtesy of Pexels

As the seasons change, especially from warmer to colder, you can experience depression and a loss of motivation. Yet you can make some minor changes to stay active through it all. While physical activity depends on movement, your state of mind also plays a crucial role in your health.

Take a Head-Clearing Break

Taking a vacation or a small break is often done during summer. Yet you can experience the benefits of a break in a colder climate to get you used to the coming changes. For instance, a weekend in the mountains, with crisper air and much cooler weather, is a great way to clear your head. So even if you live in the Big Apple, you can take a quick trip to the southeast to get away from it all. See this epic guide for Catskills trip ideas guaranteed to beat the seasonal blues.

Stay Active with Alternative Exercises

When the weather gets really cold, it can be challenging to pluck up the motivation to get up and out into the snow or ice for a jog. And even driving to your local gym can seem like a chore. Fortunately, you can experience calmness and hit your exercise goals with alternative workouts. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates are incredibly beneficial for your muscles. Yet they are also designed to achieve a positive outlook by balancing your mind through focus and guided meditation.

Don't Forget to Stay Social Too

Staying social is essential for mental health, especially if you are prone to seasonal affective disorder. The change in seasons can make you want to stay indoors and shut yourself away. But this is the opposite of what you should do and will worsen your problems. Just going to work can be tricky. But you also need to stay active within your social circle. Without social inclusion, you risk increased depression, anxiety, higher blood pressure, and possible weight gain.

Eat for a Strong Immune System

You must eat right to keep your body and mind in good working order and from illness. Luckily this isn't as hard as it once was, given our 24/7 society. Some of the healthiest foods are:

  • Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges have tons of vitamin C.
  • Red bell peppers are excellent for cardio strength.
  • Broccoli and other leafy greens help boost energy and balance blood sugars.
  • Garlic is incredible for your heart, cholesterol, and blood pressure.
  • Yogurt contains probiotics that actively defend against harmful bacteria.

Eating these isn't difficult since they're all tasty and readily available. They even go well together. Straight away, all these combined would make an excellent pasta bake with chicken.

Don't be Afraid of the Cold

Your motivation can dip during the colder months. And you may not want to go outside for exercise because of fear of the cold. However, all you need to do is wrap up more than usual. Of course, the crisper and colder air might bite when you leave the home. But it's nothing compared to the heat your body will generate once you begin to move. Additionally, feeling the cold is an excellent way to boost serotonin and its positive effects on your immune system.

Stay Active by Working Out when Cleaning Up

All year round, we have responsibilities. And one of the biggest is keeping your home clean and tidy. And as you know, cleaning a house can involve quite a lot of movement. So if you feel you can't face the outside world, get some extra exercise and serotonin with a vigorous cleaning session. Rather than casually wiping down surfaces, turn on your favorite music and quickly move in time. This is an excellent way to burn some extra calories while making chores fun.

Address Mental Health Issues Head-On

Of course, you might face severe mental health issues as the seasons change. Seasonal changes can and do affect both the body and mind. Perhaps you meet the annual effects of seasonal affective disorder and can't cope with the sudden loss of sunlight. Or maybe routine changes cause increased stress. Whatever ails you, you should know there is always help available. Talk to family and friends to help you through. And consider mental health charities.


It's challenging to stay active through seasonal changes, especially with health issues. But you can find strength by taking a break somewhere calming. And you can boost your immune system with specific foods. But always consider getting help for mental health issues like SAD.

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