5 Courses To Consider As An Employer

While you don’t need any qualifications to become an employer, it can still be worth educating yourself. The role of an employer requires a lot of responsibility and decision-making - taking a few courses can help you to manage these responsibilities and decisions better. Below are 5 examples of courses to consider as an employer. 


Employers need to be good leaders. A great way to become a good leader is to take a leadership course. These courses can teach you innovative ways to manage people - including ways to diffuse conflict, boost motivation, empower employees and build team camaraderie. You’ll find lots of leadership courses out there including online courses and in-person workshops. This guide outlines some of the best courses you can take in leadership.

First aid

Knowing how to respond to medical emergencies could be a vital skill to have as an employer. Staff members could experience injuries, allergic reactions, seizures, and other emergencies on the job. Having first aid skills could allow you to keep your employees in stable condition until paramedics arrive. There are many individual first aid skills like CPR that you can learn online - visit this site to find out more. General first aid courses can meanwhile help you to learn a range of skills from how to control bleeding to how to put someone in the recovery position. 

Fire safety

Another health and safety course worth taking as an employer is a fire safety course. In the event of a fire, you can help safely evacuate your team and control the fire. Such courses can also help you to avoid fires by teaching you some of the biggest prevention measures. You could complete a fire safety course online or attend a workshop.

Payroll accounting

If you handle payroll accounting yourself, it could be worth taking a training course in this in order to help you to do it accurately. On top of teaching you how to calculate pay and tax, this course could also teach you how to provide benefits like holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, and bonuses. There are courses that you can take that teach you how to use specific software. Alternatively, there are more general courses that simply teach you the expenses you need to consider when taking on employees. If you’re thinking of taking on employees for the first time and have no payroll experience, consider whether such a course could be useful. 

Employment law

Employers need to follow various regulations from health and safety regulations to data protection regulations. An employment law course can be worth taking to help understand all these legal requirements. It can also teach you your rights as an employer and help you understand the rights of your employees. There may be courses you can take to learn about individual aspects of employment law such as writing up contracts. Alternatively, you could try looking into a more general course where you can learn a range of important facts regarding employment law. This could take the form of an in-person workshop or an online course.

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