Wall décor ideas to amp up your living room space

An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you're the author. - Charlotte Moss
- Award-winning interior designer and author. 

The empty walls in your living room are filled with endless possibilities for redesigning. A few additions here and there can bring a drastic change.

When it is time for a makeover, the most straightforward technique is to use the large wall in the room. Redesigning takes effort and time, and with endless options, it becomes challenging to zero down on one. 

So, considering the importance of wall decor in a living room, we’ve narrowed down a few unique ideas that will accentuate the space. 

Thus, considering the importance of a living room and the significance a wall decor can bring to the room, we bring forward a list of unique ideas to amp up the particular space in your home. Read on! 

Create a gallery wall 

Your living room should display your personality. So, if you are an art enthusiast, one good way is to create a gallery wall. 

You can start collecting vintage art pieces from exhibitions and put them on the wall in your living. It can be color art or captured images from famous artists. For instance, if you are a landscape lover, you may want to buy 'Sally Mann photos' to add to your gallery wall collection. 

Likewise, people buy their favorite painter's paintings through auctions or sales to display their affection for art and the artist. The slow and steady growth of the wall brings new energy into the room. 

Invest in an accent wall 

There is an ocean of designs for creating an accent wall. It draws visual attention to the room and acts as the focal point. The main rule for an accent wall is that it should cover 10% of the room and be completely different from other walls. 

Endless designs, colors, and patterns are available to create an accent wall. You can use vibrant colors, stencils, and self-imagination to create a unique way. 

The best part about assembling an accent wall is that it is a blank canvas, and you are the owner. You do not need expert advice; your imagination is the guide. 

Let the empty frames speak 

Lately, plain frames are coming into the trend as a part of home decor. It is more valid if you have a contemporary-styled home. 

If you dislike displaying pictures, you can place plain frames in different colors on the wall. It is not essential to put them in order. Instead, you can show your creativity and place them randomly to compliment the room decor. 

Interestingly, people use wooden frames and get frame designs painted on the wall to create a unique pattern. 

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Do you want an idea to make your room look bigger, brighter, and more elegant? Mirrors are your go-to solution. Not only will they reflect more light, but they will also beautify the space like none other. 

There are endless glass design and shape choices to compliment different home styles. You can use multiple mirrors or place a large mirror near the wall. 

Moreover, you can also add mirrored accessories to accentuate the looks. Ensure that the number and size of the glass gel well with the room's aesthetics. 

Wrapping up

Home decor for the living room takes up the most energy because it is where people come in and spend their time. When you want to revamp the look, you can work on the empty wall instead of paying an excess amount on buying new furniture or decor. You will notice how little detailing on the walls can instantly accentuate the room's overall appearance. 

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