5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity isn’t something to joke about or ignore. Over the years, this condition has transformed into a pandemic that causes at least 2.8 million deaths yearly, making it the fifth leading risk for global deaths each year.

While it’s possible that you aren’t overweight or obese, what are the chances that things stay that way especially given the high obesity prevalence rate?

The chances aren't in your favor. However, there is a lot you can do to tilt the scales. Here are five ways to maintain a healthy weight.

1. Consume more healthy plant foods and fewer animal products

Your diet is the first area to focus on when trying to lose unhealthy weight or maintain a healthy one. After all, you are what you eat! 

To maintain a healthy weight we recommend incorporating a plant-based diet like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grains in your meal plan. This diet is good for your overall health and is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, it can help you stay full longer and with fewer calories.

2. Go for smaller portions

Gone are the days when adults ate in smaller portions like a tween. Nowadays, you find people filling their plates with huge portions of meals and eating till their belly pokes out.

If you indulge in such a habit, you aren't doing yourself any good.

Yes, you'll enjoy instant gratification. But in the long run, you may set yourself up for something worse like obesity. To ensure that doesn't happen, try to eat less and reduce how much you eat out. Even when you decide to eat out, select an à la carte and not a full meal. Or divide a dish with a friend.

3. Reduce added calories

Calories aren't unhealthy. They provide energy, which your body needs to function. However, consuming excessive calories, and not burning enough via physical activities, can result in weight gain, which can speed up fibroid growth. 

Fibroids are common in women. Though benign, they can result in pain in areas like the back and tummy. A few of the most commonly observed fibroids causes include hormonal imbalances, hereditary problems, age, race, alcohol, poor diet, etc. It is hence advised to get a regular check-up if you’re experiencing irregular periods like heavy or skipped cycles, menstrual cramps, and other associated symptoms.

In addition to speeding up fibroid growth, weight gain also leads to conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. To reduce your calorie intake to maintain your weight. You can also try lower calorie options like salsa, tomato, cheddar powder, etc.

4. Don't take sugary drinks

Energy drinks, sodas, juice drinks, coffee drinks, and other sugary drinks contain extra calories and have been found to raise the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Reducing your sugary drink intake is a good way to cut back your calorie consumption. And getting down to zero is a great idea, especially for 100% juice. Try healthy alternatives like no-calorie fizzy water and unsweetened coffee and tea.

5. Prioritize exercise

Technology has made us lazy, so lazy that we'd rather spend a day binge-watching a TV series or playing a game than jogging for 20 minutes.

If you are fond of living a sedentary lifestyle, you risk developing heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

So rather than wrap yourself in your blanket and watch TV all day, consider engaging in some exercises—anything that makes you physically active is ok. And ensure you do it regularly. Common exercises to consider are:

● Running

● Jogging

● Cycling

● Swimming

● Walking

While you consider taking part in these exercises, try to stand as much as you can during the day. And when you sit, ensure you stand up at intervals to take a short walk.


It's one thing to achieve a healthy weight; it's another thing to maintain. So while you are happy with your healthy body weight, remember that you can gain weight even faster than you lose weight. And also, remember that the battle against obesity isn't a sprint but a marathon.

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