Your guide to buying the right AC for your smart home

Air conditioners are a strong requirement in hot and humid weather areas. The hot summer and humid seasons lead to uncomfortable living conditions for everyone. Therefore, people prefer to buy cooling appliances such as air conditioners. 

Now, when you have a smart home, you ought to buy a product that settles well with the environment and features of your technically smart home. This article mentions some tips to follow to buy the right AC for your intelligent home. Read on! 

Types of Air Conditioners 

Before beginning to understand the factors you must consider while choosing the right AC for your room, you should know the different air conditioners. There are more than six types of ACs in the market that are designed for a specific space and fulfill a certain purpose. Let's read about the most common types of Air conditioners: 

● Central Air Conditioner: It is the type that people with large homes use. It is centrally fitted in all the rooms using air ducts. You can regulate the temperatures of different rooms simultaneously through the central duct system. The indoor system has air ducts and evaporator coils, while the outdoor unit is a condenser and compressor to pull out the room's heat. Nowadays, people combine it with thermostats with central Acs and get the smart-home experience. 

Window air conditioner: As the name indicates, this AC is designed to fit in the window unit of the homes. It comes in one unit and has the condenser, compressor, and everything else included in one big box. You can find it in different sizes and choose the one that suits your room size. These days, people are installing a smart window air conditioner as it is less costly, more effective, and easier to maintain than other ACS.  

Ductless mini-split: if you want to reduce the hassle of ducting the whole house, you can use a ductless mini-split AC. The professionals mount the indoor unit on the walls, and the outdoor unit is fitted on the terrace or outside the home. The indoor units are small. Therefore, each room gets its own AC. You can control them using the remote controller or smartphones using universal remotes on phones and tablets. 

Portable air conditioner: You can understand by the name that you can easily take it from one place to another because it is mobile. It is feasible for places where you can not install window AC or split AC. The smaller version of the AC works super fine and cools the room well. It needs a power outlet to start working and access to a window or any outlet to exhaust the air. It is available in single-hose and double-hose variants.  

Floor mounted AC: A more convenient version of the mini-split AC. Homeowners or people with accessibility issues who lack the space for indoor ducts can opt for this unit. You can put it on the floor or ascend it up to 6 inches from the floor and attach it to the outdoor unit through a hole. It works the same way other ACs do and is the best for older adults. Studies have seen that they work the best in small rooms. 


How to buy the right AC for your home?

Read on to find the beginner's guide for buying the best AC for your smart home. 

Understand the requirement 

The foremost is to understand the requirement of an air conditioner in your home. You need to check the number of rooms that need AC. Experts recommend considering the rooms depending on the time you spend in the room. Your bedrooms require an AC because you use it every day. However, the guest room may not need one. So, compare the usage and requirements before counting on the deals. 

Features of the appliance

Since you have a smart home, you would want to buy an appliance that gels in well with the ambiance of your smart home. So, you can look for a smart window air conditioner with features like wifi connectivity, remote control, a sleek look, and more. The choice of AC types depends on the temperature requirement. You can choose between a window AC, portable AC, and Split AC. However, many people go for window AC because of the aesthetics it adds to the room. 

The room size

Another critical thing to consider while choosing the cooling appliance for your home is the room size. You may have the same or different-sized rooms, so consider the measure before deciding on the AC capacity. As per rule, the larger the room space, the higher tonnes you need to cool the area. Generally, the experts suggest buying a 1-ton AC for a room size of 120-140 sq feet. Likewise, as the area increases, the AC capacity also increases. You may want to install a lighter tonne AC in a larger room, but it will directly impact the efficiency. Most places use BTUs to measure the AC's energy efficiency. 

Inverter or Non-inverter AC

You must think that an inverter AC will work on the power from an inverter. However, it is wrong. An inverter AC runs continuously and maintains the power consumption depending on the temperature requirement. On the other hand, a non-inverter AC runs on full power until a mean temperature is set in the room. It consumes more energy than other ACs and puts more load on the power supply. You will find an inverter AC more power-efficient than its counterpart. However, the technology costs more. So, it is better to check the 

AC warranty and service quality 

ACs have built-in compressors that are costly to repair and replace. Most companies offer a 1-year brand servicing and an additional 3 to 5 years warranty on the compressor. So, before you decide on the appliance, it is suggested to check the warranty and service details. You should also check for reviews and talk to customers about their experience with the brand. It will help you list down the most loved brands and their pros. 

Final words

When you are researching the right appliance for your smart home, one thing you need to have is a smart technology feature. Apart from the smart tech, you should consider the budget, including the maintenance and service costs. We hope the above guide helps you choose the best air conditioner for your hi-tech home.

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