How to Care for Your Dog This Summer Season?

Summer is finally here, and as much as you love the season, your pets feel the same. It’s the time to enjoy the sunny days and all the other things that the season has in store for us. Now, though there is nothing weird about taking your dog out for walks, running, hikes and picnics, know that these hot days can harm your pet in many ways. 

So, it becomes vital to take care of your little pooch ensuring that he has a good time during the season. Read on to know some important summer safety tips for dogs. 

Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws: Your dog’s paws are prone to injury in summer. This is because surfaces like asphalt and metal easily catch up with the heat and can burn paws. Not only that, but it can also raise the body’s temperature level, which can lead to overheating, making your pooch suffer. Hence, make sure you do not let your dog play on such surfaces and regularly clean his paws with clean water. 

Make Sure He Has Access to Fresh Water and Food: Dehydration is common in dogs and pets during the summer months. Dogs are more energetic these days; hence get thirstier regularly. If your dog is showing signs of dry gums and excessive drooling, probably his body needs water. 

And ensure to feed them treats at the regular time interval. Along with the recommended dog food by your vet, bully sticks and yak chews are pretty good options to keep them engaged. If you can’t be with your dog 24/7, have someone who can provide him with clean and fresh water and food every few hours. 

Protect Your Dog from Parasites: Summer is an inviting time for fleas and other parasites in most places. Hence, make all the arrangements that ensure that your pet is protected from the attack of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. If not given proper attention, these parasites can cause the risk of heartworm, fever, and a host of other dangerous health issues. 

Do Not Keep Your Dog In a Hot Car for Long: We all love giving our pets long rides while we get done with our everyday tasks. While you might think leaving your pet in the car is no big deal, they would not enjoy the stay when the temperature in the parking lot gets so high. It is only a game of 10 minutes that your dog or pet can catch a heat stroke in high temperatures. And you do not want to come back to a miserable puppy face who had been craving fresh air. Thus, make sure you do not leave them in the car for a longer period. 

Bottom Line 

Pets are very sensitive to weather changes, especially during the summer season could be challenging with the rising temperatures. Follow the suggested tips to take proper care of your dog. And as always, you can contact your veterinarian about any doubts or concerns you may have about your dog’s care in the warm weather.

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