How Can Moms Use CBD For Chronic Pain?

If you pay attention to your health during the stages of pregnancy and take all the prescribed prenatal supplements, your body loses out on lesser nutrients. However, this is where several pregnancy cases lag, leading the mom to deplete her body calcium levels that later surface as chronic pain. Alternatively, chronic pain post-partum can also arise due to C-section deliveries, traumatic labor, and other complications. 

The number of new mums using CBD to address chronic pain is increasing due to proven research and promising results. If you have been experiencing chronic pain as a mom, this blog is worth a read! Let us explain to you the ways in which you can incorporate CBD into your daily routine for long-term healing.

1) Use it as massage oil: Pregnancies can leave the moms with a permanently sore back, especially if the fetus carries a substantial weight of its own. Not only does a backache hinder your day-to-day life, but it can also be very distracting while trying to rest. You can easily mitigate any pain in your back by using CBD oil. Take a gentle carrier oil and warm it, to which you can add some CBD oil. Now use this warm concoction to massage the sore areas and watch how quickly it reduces the pain.

2) Use tincture to soothe aching feet: CBD tincture is a concentrated version of the oil that can be ingested to find relief from body pain. Pregnant women and new moms may constantly experience swollen and aching feet, which can hinder their movement. Tincture purchased from a reputed online dispensary can effectively reduce the inflammation, bringing lasting relief.

3) Buy a topical ointment for hot-spot flare-ups: Experiencing painful hot-spots and flare-ups due to random allergic reactions? It can be calmed instantly by using CBD topical ointments. One of the best aspects of cannabidiol is how versatile it is. You’ll be able to find all of these products online, which leaves no excuse to ignore your health. The free and quick delivery is so impressive that you’ll want to compensate the delivery person. If you’re wondering how much to tip weed delivery guy for their impressive service, try not to skimp out!

4) Steam with CBD oil: Cannabidiol is a compound found in marijuana or weed and can heal all inflammatory problems. If you don’t wish to ingest CBD oil directly and want quicker pain relief, use a steamer and a few drops of this oil to inhale it. You’ll notice the mitigating pain effects taking place quickly without any side effects.

5) Ingest oil for Postpartum PTSD: An unfortunate aspect of traumatic pregnancies with complications and complex labor is how the mother faces postpartum PTSD. Dealing with the triggers, phantom pains, outbursts, and depressive phases can be a challenge but CBD is an effective medicine to help mitigate all its symptoms as they heal. Using CBD supplements or oil capsules can help the mother find rest and peace.

Wrapping Up:

Motherhood can bring about its set of physiological and psychological changes, which may take a while to get accustomed to. While some of these changes may reflect simple transitionary stages, others may negatively impact the new mother’s health. We hope you understand how CBD can help bring about healing with prescribed doses. Consult your doctor to discuss your options and start your journey to healing today!

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