Can household accidents turn fatal? Learn here!

Everyone feels safe in their homes and believes nothing can harm them in their safe abode. However, you'd be surprised to know that simple accidents inside a home can be fatal. Studies show that more people get hurt in their homes than anywhere else. Therefore, everyone needs to follow domestic health and safety seriously.

Simply put, you should consider the safety of every family member. It is not only about keeping the floors dry and sharp objects safe. But, it would help if you also considered safety while designing the home's interiors and placing the furniture. This article mentions some common accidents at home that can turn fatal for you and your family members. It will help you stay informed and be more careful with things at home to prevent such accidents.


Falling Objects

The increasing trend of wall-mounted furniture and television sets is causing such accidents. The interior designers suggest TV mounting, shelving, and similar options to utilize the wall space for decorating the home. The falling object accident can lead to serious internal and external injuries. In many cases, the victim had no signs of damage on the outside, but when the doctors conducted Medical Imaging, they found internal wounds that turned fatal. People call these accidents tip-over incidents. According to studies, kids, adults, and older people are all victims of these incidents and sometimes succumb to their injuries or are left with lifelong disabilities.



According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, choking is one of the leading causes of untimely deaths among children below one year. However, it is not only babies but also elders at risk of dying because of choking. You should diligently check the floor for non-edible choking objects so the babies do not eat them. Make it a habit to eat slowly and teach the kids to chew the food well before swallowing. Anyone can die of choking if not provided with immediate assistance. Therefore, everyone should learn CPR and Heimlich maneuver.



The World Health Organization categorizes burin into scalds, contact burns, and flame burns. It is mostly kids and adults at risk of serious burn injuries. In many cases, when the burns are not taken care of in time, they can cause infections. Flame burns are one of the riskiest wounds and cause eyesight disorder, permanent scars, and even disabilities. They can turn fatal when the injuries go unnoticed or the intensity of the accident is high.



You'd think, how can someone drown at home? But, many children indeed die every year because of household drowning. Babies do not need much water, but 1 inch of water is enough for them to drown. Therefore, the next time you think of leaving your child in the bathroom for 2 minutes, do not. It is important to stay alert when you are playing in the small water pool with your kids. You should never completely rely on floatation toys. Instead, learn CPR to use in an emergency and save someone from drowning.


Final Thoughts

Ignoring little things at home can lead to fatal accidents. You may feel that a TV won't cause any harm. However, it is one of the foremost causes of falling object accidents. Therefore, you must ensure safety right from installing the objects to using them in your daily life.

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