What Special Element Gives A Home 'Character?'

Real state agents are often extremely capable of using attractive buzzwords and phrases to sell property, and it’s no surprise, as this is their job. That said, sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly how to regard a property given that the terms are maybe a little bit vague. 

Character,’ for one, can seem like it’s designed to suggest a house is unique, but surely, most houses are unique in terms of their particular characteristics and owner history? However, that word is hardly insignificant, because homes that do offer ‘character’ are well sought-after, and can solicit higher prices on the market. 

The word character is used to denote houses that have a unique edge, a sense of personality, something recognizable, and perhaps value in certain areas that you may not wish to change, even as a result of thorough renovation. For instance, beautiful oak beams used as ceiling rafters could be described as giving a property character, especially if they clearly show the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

Okay, so now we know what the word means. But can it be defined in many other ways, too, and how can we assess that on our own terms? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Local Community Life

No home is an island, it’s also influenced by its neighbors, its the local community, and of course, the proximity to which it can be part of all this. When you take the time to assess property like this, you’re more likely to get it now rather than later, because this renewed sense of community, of belonging, and of care is becoming harder and harder to find. For instance, living near a local church, youth facilities, sports clubs, and other village activities can help even rural locations feel rich and filled with potential.

Historical Relevance

It’s lovely to understand the historical relevance of a property and what that means for its story, and how you can be part of that. For many people, it can be quite humbling to be part of that history. This can give you the inclination to try and preserve some of that character. For instance, if your home used to be a blacksmithing station, then it could be preserving some of the kiln placements, or even simply naming the property after its history once more could help you add your own twist while retaining the original purpose of such a place in the spirit.

Your Own Personality

It’s good to allow your own personality to shine in a home, provided this meshes with the aesthetics of the property and some of the main fixtures. For instance, living in a rural property is a beautiful thing, but gently modernizing the interior with appliances needs to be done tastefully, perhaps by integrating your kitchen appliances with the cabinet finishes, or making sure that the shower unit, while modern, fits with the rustic tile laid against the walls. This helps you strike a thorough healthy balance which will continue to work for those reasons.

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