Essential Steps to Consider when Moving Your Office

You have just secured a new place for your office. Probably more spacious with additional amenities and facilities. The question is, how do you move?

Moving offices can be challenging. It would be best if you were extra cautious not to lose your vital documents. In addition, business owners tend to look for more functional workspaces as the workplace transitions. Therefore, you need to be strategic as you plan your move. These key steps will help you have a smooth transition to your workplace.

Start Planning Early

Avoid the last-minute rush. As soon as you start thinking of relocating your office, it would be best to plan for it. Moving to a small office may seem easy. However, if you fail to plan, you may miss out on essential items you need in your office.

For example, your new office space may require additional items such as lighting or partitioning. It is best to get a layout of the new office and plan how your items will fit. You don’t want your staff to end up packing boxes through the night.

Planning early also helps you set a budget and keep your move within its confines.

Appoint a Move Manager

As the business owner, it may be tedious to undertake the move solely. It would be best to appoint one of your staff as a move manager. Have your manager create a checklist for all the items to be moved.

It is also best to consider contracting movers such as SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. to do the heavy lifting for you. The benefit of hiring movers is that you don’t have to overwork your staff. Also, the office relocation becomes more effortless.

Plan your I.T. Move

As soon as you secure your new office, it is best to have your I.T. staff transfer your equipment out of your new office. It is best to have their layout the I.T. infrastructure before the rest of your staff move in. They will need ample time to lay out all the infrastructure, including your phones, servers, and computers.

If you have the equipment you need to dispose of, you can create a plan for donating them or recycling them.

Change Your Address

As you move your office, it is essential to notify your clients of your new physical address. It is best to make the changes earlier. This includes updating your website, envelopes, business cards, and letterheads as well.

Assign Work to Your Staff

To make your move easier, instruct your staff to pack their desk. Despite hiring a moving company, your team needs to be responsible for their desk. Therefore, it is best to give them a heads up in advance to give them ample time to pack.

Celebrate Your Office

After your successful move, you can consider hosting a small celebration to christen your new office space. This step also helps your staff transition to the new work environment and make them more comfortable.

Planning early is vital. You don’t want to encounter missing documents or equipment after your transition.

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