3 Tips For Coping With Hair Loss as a Woman

People usually think of hair loss as something that exclusively happens to men. It’s common to see men with receding hairlines or completely bald heads walking proudly down the street, confident in their appearance. Although some men can feel self-conscious about it, hair loss is seen as a normal part of life for the males of the species. 

But hair loss in women is surprisingly common too. Around 40% of women aged 70 years and older experience female-pattern baldness, otherwise known as alopecia, and it occurs in much younger women too. However, if you are experiencing hair loss as a woman it is much more likely to affect your confidence and self-esteem. We live in a world where women are unfairly judged on their looks and often expected to conform to an extreme standard of beauty. Advertising and social media can make these feelings worse, and many young girls and women experience mental health issues as a result. Losing one’s hair can be a huge hit to one’s confidence.

If you are a woman experiencing hair loss, you may have tried lots of different techniques to slow down the process. Some things may work, and others may be less successful, but the most important thing is that you look after your mental health. Learning to accept and live with hair loss is essential, no matter how difficult it might seem. Here are three tips to help you cope.

Avoid Negativity

Everyone is on social media these days, and it’s impossible to look at your phone without being barraged by pictures of beautiful supermodels with gorgeous hair and supreme confidence. The internet, for all its practical uses, can be detrimental to your mental health so try to limit your exposure to social media and negativity. Instead, try to find positive role models. There are several celebrities and influencers who are rocking the hairless look and making it their own. Change up your social media feed and fill it with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Your friends and family don’t care what you look like, and anyone who does isn’t worth knowing. If there are negative people in your life who knock on your self-esteem then avoid spending time with them.

Talk To Others

If you’re struggling with body image then it can help to talk. There are support groups out there for women dealing with hair loss, where you will be able to receive advice and guidance for coping. Remember your loved ones are always there to help you so confide in people you trust.

Cover It Up

You may not yet be ready to proudly display your hair loss to the world, so you may wish to cover it up. You could order a selection of cool hats from Cap America or you could take it a step further and get yourself a wig. There are also various hair extensions, scarves, hairstyles, and makeup options that will disguise or conceal your hair loss so look into different options and work out what's right for you.

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