How to Find Your Creative Path

Do you have a creative itch but you don’t know where to start? Here is a great place. In this article, you will find lots of ideas for how to discover your creativity and set off on a journey of color and inspiration - hopefully. Art also has amazing health benefits for the body and mind. 

Get to know yourself 

The most important thing you can do with your life is getting to know yourself! This statement might seem absurd at first, surely you already know yourself and you have done for some time; but consider how many of your ideas come from your culture and received knowledge. 

When we look the answer is probably quite a lot, that’s because we are influenced by our culture from a young age, so while we think we know ourselves very well, we are simply living out cultural conventions. Getting to know yourself better is the first step into a bigger world. 

Go on long walks 

There are two processes happening in our brains, one of them is organic the other is mechanical. The mechanical brain tells us that we want to pursue a particular art activity even though the evidence suggests we don’t have a natural aptitude for it, the other is intuitive. 

When you take a long walk in the city or the countryside the locomotive movement of your rams and legs takes some attention away from your mechanical brain and allows your intuitive organic brain to breathe. This is when you can discover your true creative path. 

Visit new places 

Human beings are habitual creatures, what we love more than anything is to settle into a routine and repeat the pattern forevermore. It makes us feel comfortable and secure to know that one thing happens after another and we can rely on that. Unfortunately, it’s not very creative. 

Breaking the cycle of habitual patterns is one of the most creative and beneficial things you can do. So whether you want to find a creative path or you are stuck with a creative project unsure where to go next, head off to a museum or a short getaway to reconnect with your inspiration. 

Try some art therapy

If you have suffered some trauma in the past or if you need to de-stress after work or a difficult life experience art therapy is a great way to go. Art therapy takes many forms, it can be painting and drawing, but equally, it can be writing, pottery, jewelry making, or something else. 

Many people use art therapy to cope with past trauma or a difficult life situation in the present moment. This can range from relationship issues to wrongful death that requires an injury lawyer, either way, art therapy help to take your mind off the trauma and work with it deeply. 

Consider your childhood 

Children play in the most natural ways, they are excellent at using their imaginations to invent stories and games, they are also completely unhindered from the cultural influences and impressions that affect adults. Reflect on your childhood to find your true creative path. 

As we grow up our parents, friends, colleagues, and wider culture start to have an influence on our ideas and lifestyles; while this can be healthy to an extent it can also limit our capacity to be creative and find true expression. Reconnect with your inner child to find your creative path. 

Talk to people 

If you’re a creative person chances are you know someone who is equally creative. It might be your neighbor who plays in a band or a friend of a friend who is a painter. If you’re interested in finding your creative path why not take an interest in other people and find out about there’s. 

It’s interesting to find out about how people discovered their creative outlets and lifestyles, what’s more, it can help to inform your own journey, how similar or different are you to them? But a word of caution, everyone is unique so try not to imitate someone else’s journey. 

Discover local classes 

Local classes are everywhere and they are very accessible. The great thing about local classes is you can try things out without spending a lot of money or committing to the long term. A useful place to start is with the adult prospectus for a local university that offers lots of classes. 

Now is a great time to start something new and discover a creative path that might lead somewhere interesting. Don’t worry about your age or your life situation either, art and creativity are relevant at any time of life and offer some amazing health and therapeutic benefits as well.

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