5 Steps to Feeling Fabulous

Feeling flat and a little bit worse for wear happens to everyone from time to time. It might be because you have a lot going on with work, home life, social life might be non-existent. 

It can take more than a few movie nights and a pizza to get you feeling right again. While the journey to feeling better can look many different ways, there are five tried and true methods to feeling fabulous - you just don’t have to tackle them all at once. 

Move your body
Not everyone loves to exercise, but there are many fabulous feelings to be had once you do. Often people find that getting a gym membership and booking a personal trainer from Fitness 19 can get them started. When you have a personal trainer, you have someone as motivated to reach your goals. 

Fitness doesn’t have to be about weight loss either; moving your body keeps your joints supple, can give you better focus in work, and is a big helping of endorphins. 

What’s not to love? 

Throw out negativity
Just throw it out. We often support others and give others motivation, and treat ourselves with negativity. 

It is an awful system; instead, treat yourself to the beautiful things that you tell others. Treat yourself like you do your best friend. 

When you notice you are about to be mean to yourself and say something negative - stop! Reframe it, and don’t give yourself extra negativity to carry. 

The last few years have given millions of people the opportunity to stay in their loungewear all day if they have wanted to. And while that is the epitome of cozy and comfortable, it also means when you dress up (for yourself), it has a more significant impact. 

Dress for feeling fabulous by finding an outfit that you look good and feel great in - for no reason. 

Practice Positivity
Just because you are trying to combat negativity, you aren’t practicing positivity yet. Highlight everything positive in your life. Is it a magic cure to feeling low? No, but it can help you to find some perspective. 

As you go about your daily life, look at what brings you joy, what makes you feel good, and how you can keep that going elsewhere in life. 

Turn it up
If you have the space to do so, but some of your favorite music on and start dancing and jumping around. Not only does this go some way to helping you to move your body more, but it can also really brighten your mood. 

While it might be cliche, grabbing a hairbrush and pretending to be the star of the show can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. 

So if there is a playlist that makes you feel amazing, turn it on, turn it up and get ready to dance. 

If you struggle to make playlists, then Spotify, Apple, and others all have a massive range of options for you to choose from. Get some music inspiration from the music archive: Music

Feeling fabulous starts and ends with you! While other people can brighten you up, make you feel loved and cared for, feeling fabulous comes from within. 

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