4 Healthcare Careers That Don't Require a Degree

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Many people have a love and passion for healthcare and medicine, however, not all those people have the time or resources to earn a four-year degree. Luckily, the healthcare field is vast and there are several opportunities to find a career within the industry regardless of your education history. For some, you must still go to school, but it will be done on your own time in your own way. Your dream of being a part of the healthcare system is within reach. Here are four careers you can find in healthcare that don’t require a four-year degree.

Dental Assistant

You can become a dental assistant in less than a year or up to two years depending on your track. Dental assistants help dentists with a lot around the office from helping with x-rays to helping the dentist while she or he is performing a procedure. Other times, a dental assistant also handles a lot of the administrative tasks like billing, scheduling, working the front desk, and processing insurance claims. You will become an all-around expert in a lot of what makes the field of dentistry work. You can make great money doing this while being in the medical world. 

Healthcare Administration

There is a lot of paperwork that goes around the healthcare industry, and when patients are not well or their family members are worried about their wellness, it is hard to process all that needs to be done as far as the administrative side. A healthcare administrator has the opportunity to work in the field, mostly in hospitals, helping patients with their forms as well as developing strategies to help hospitals care for patients better and doctors to have the tools they need to perform better. Eventually, you can get a master's in healthcare administration and see yourself earn a huge salary. 

Health and Human Services

While working in the health and human services department, you will be on the front lines helping patients and sick people find the resources and help they need to get well. In a lot of lower-income communities, people may feel there is no place for them to turn to when it comes to their health and getting well. Your office will be the place that will introduce patients to wellness. You will also have the opportunity to help certain individuals navigate the ever confusing healthcare system. 

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants do it all. Some days you will be drawing blood and helping patients get x-rays, and on other days you will be helping with medical records, administrative support, and billing. This profession will help you experience all areas of what it is to work in medicine and work with patients. From their wellness to their finances, you will be with them every step of the way ensuring they are getting proper care and they properly understand their condition. A degree in medical assisting can take about a year to complete so that you can get to work as soon as possible.

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