4 Great Career Options for Artists

Artists' careers are as diverse as the color wheel itself. If you enjoy drawing, your interest could very well pave the way for a successful professional career. Some of history's most infamous doodlers occurred to be our country's presidents at the time. Contrary to long-held popular opinion, doodling actually helps people concentrate better and can even inspire them to be more creative.

If you have a passion for drawing or painting, there are some pretty amazing careers you can make depending on your skillset and preferred medium. This post looks at some great careers where you can be as creative as you wish.

Tattoo Artist

A skilled tattoo artist will have trained in their chosen art design and other styles to develop their art skills. After this, art education and skills in graphic design can elevate your art skills before learning everything you need to know about becoming a skilled and exceptional tattoo artist. Once you have honed your skills, spent time as an apprentice, and perfected your craft, you can then consider opening your own tattoo parlor. Opening a tattoo parlor means you need to invest in all the latest equipment and tools of the trade, such as stencil solutions, sanitary kits, chairs and beds, tattoo ink, needles and sterilizers, and so on. Here you can create a career for yourself and build a loyal customer base.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers integrate art, business, and engineering to create things that people use daily. They create concepts and designs for various produced products, ranging from automobiles to children's toys. When developing new products, it is their obligation to consider the functionalities, aesthetics, production costs, and usefulness of any new product they are developing.

For entry-level industrial design positions, a bachelor's degree, typically in industrial design, architecture, or engineering, is typically required; however, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) adds that it is also important to have an electronic portfolio containing examples of your design efforts.


For television, movies, video games, and other entertainment media, these artists create two- and three-dimensional models, animated sequences, computer-generated pictures, and visual effects, among other things. These individuals often collaborate with clients, such as directors, game designers, or other animators, to generate the optimal graphics required, set development timelines, and change the animation or effects based on the input received from such clients.

Employers prefer job applicants who have a bachelor's degree in computer graphics, visual arts, animation, or a similar discipline, as well as an excellent portfolio of work and good technical skills.

Cake Decorator

Cake decorators not only need to be exceptionally creative, but they need to understand how to bake edible masterpieces from simple yet stunning cakes to elaborate and detailed designs for special occasions. Thanks to social media, cake decorating is becoming more and more popular, and creating edible masterpieces takes training and dedication to perfect your craft. You can head back to college to learn how to bake well, understand the basic principles of cake making and decorating, and learn the latest in skills and techniques to help you work with different foodstuffs to work into your decorating.

Video Game Designer

You could also think about working as a videogame designer. The art and illustrations for modern video games are absolutely incredible and help bring different titles to life. You might assume that you need to understand the tech elements to complete the art for video games, but this isn’t the case. You can work on the concept art for a title which a developer will then include when coding the final build. If you are interested in this possibility, make sure to research different titles and genres from shooting games to racing games to learn more about the different artwork you will need to create. 

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