5 Tips for Styling Your Fall Outfits

The transition from summer to fall can be a difficult one when it comes to your wardrobe, but there are a few things that will help you get it right and ensure you look your best this year…

1. Lots of layering

Fall can be a difficult season, the weather changes so frequently and it’s often too cold for thin t-shirts and crop tops that enable you to show off your dangle belly button rings from Urban Body Jewelry, but also too hot to wear thick sweaters and coats that look great but make you sweat too. So, what’s the answer? Layering. Wear a vest top under a shirt under a gilet or jacket, and then when you get too hot you can remove a layer, or if you get too cold. You can add another one into the mix. Simple.

2. Invest in a statement piece of outerwear

An easy way to always look good in the fall season is to have a statement piece of outerwear that you can just throw over any outfit to instantly elevate it. This could be anything from a statement tye-dye denim jacket to a leather biker jacket or even a thick flannel shirt - it’s up to you - just make sure it looks good and goes with, at least, most of the basics in your wardrobe.

3. Find sone flattering boots

Fall is all about the boots; if you can find a pair of boots that keep your feet warm and flatter your legs, then you can wear the most basic jeans and t-shirt outfit and still look amazing. The key is to find the most flattering length of boots for you. If you have shorter legs, ankle boots tend to be more flattering, whereas knee-highs are typically better for taller women. However, your mileage may vary, so be sure to try a few styles on and find the ones that flatter you best. 

4. Keep wearing your summer pieces

If you particularly love your summer wardrobe, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to completely pack it away for the fall season. If you want to create an effortlessly cool and quirky look, simply pair your favorite summer pieces with warmer pieces in your wardrobe. So, for example, you could pair your favorite floral maxi dress with a thick flannel shirt or chunky ankle boots, or you could wear your denim shorts with some brightly colored tights - try out as many combinations as you can and see what works for you.

5. Avoid classic fall colors

You might think that dressing in burnt orange, dark red, and brown shades are exactly what is called for in the fall season, but those colors tend to look best on the tree leaves, and actually, when the weather is a bit cooler and the sun a bit less bright, dressing brightly yourself can be just the thing to avoid looking washed out! So, don’t be afraid to go bold!

Dressing for the fall is actually a lot of fun, and it really is the perfect time to experiment, so don’t be afraid to switch your style up this season.

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