Questions That Every First Time Moms Asks Themselves

Being a new mom is hard. There are so many things to think about and take care of for the first time that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that other people tend to have opinions on how you should be doing things, or what you should be doing at all! This post will look at some of the most common questions that new mums ask themselves.

How Do I Know the Baby Is Full?

A baby will stop feeding when they are full. It can be challenging for first-time mums, who do not know how many ounces of milk the baby needs. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly what your baby needs, but there are a few signs that may indicate the baby is full:

For example, when the baby stops sucking and swallowing with an open mouth for more extended periods at each feed, it means it's time to stop. Likewise, when the baby pulls away from the breast and cries or fusses, it means it's time to offer a different feeding position, like upright on your shoulder with his head turned towards you.

When Will the Baby Achieve Certain Milestones?

It is one of the common questions that every first-time mom asks. Moms usually give birth to babies after nine months of pregnancy, and this is also the period when their baby would achieve certain milestones such as crawling, standing up on their feet, walking, and talking. 

There are times that a baby may not meet these expectations because some babies take longer to develop these skills. However, moms must not worry too much about it because babies crawl and walk earlier than the usual age, so they should not compare them to other children who have achieved these milestones before them.

When the baby is ready, they will achieve milestones on their own. You can encourage them to reach specific goals by playing music and singing songs related to those milestones. For example, you could make up what it means when your child points at something or makes a sound. 

You may also be wondering when the right time for your boy is to be circumcised or your girl to get her first piercings. Many modern moms opt for circumcision at birth for boys because of the general belief of quicker healing when the baby is young. For girl's piercings, it is primarily an intuitive parenting feeling that will lead you. However, you can browse this site to find out how you can best handle the issue without inflicting pain on the baby. 

How Can I Bottle Feed/Breast Pump My Baby, and Is It Safe To Do So?

One of the first things a new mom asks herself when her baby is born, and understandably so, is “how can I bottle feed my baby?” If you are not breastfeeding, then yes, it is safe to bottle feed your baby. However, there are certain things that you must consider before doing so and throughout the entire process of feeding with a bottle! 

Breast pumps can be expensive, so it is best to purchase one that works long-term to avoid wasting money! You'll want something strong enough, which means investing in an electric option, but again, these tend to be more costly than manual options. 


You're starting to get the hang of this. It's not as scary or stressful as some people make it out to be, and you should most definitely try for yourself before making any decisions about whether motherhood is proper for you. There are so many conflicting opinions on all sides, but at least with firsthand experience under your belt, you can feel confident in your choice to be a mother.

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