I'm joining blogger Anne from In Residence and the Currently blog hop this month.

admiring: The beautiful Florida landscape. Now that we have been living in Florida again for three and a half months, things are starting to feel a little more settled now. Life is feeling a bit normal again and I am loving the view of nothing but palm trees and sun everywhere. I cannot wait for our first vacation to the beach. We have tried to plan this many times over and over again. But it is either the hotels are all booked, way too expensive, or now recently... the tropical storms and hurricanes that seem to be steadily coming our way. 

anticipating: The launch of my stationery business called "Paper Moon Planners". I have been working on this for a while and keep changing my mind with the pieces in my collection so this block needs to move aside and let me just get to finishing it. I started this idea last year in my final course in college and am hoping to show the world.

enjoyingThe kids being back in school again. School started back this week and I'm not excited for me, but for them. They have been waiting so long to go back to school and be in that environment that was not virtual learning. So I am enjoying their happy faces each and every day that I take them to school and pick them back up again. Plus, at this time, I really do enjoy the peace and quiet at home.

spending: We all just recently got new phones. It was a little bit of a shock since our phones were older iPhones and now they are so much bigger and lighter than our old ones. Plus, our oldest daughter was given a phone now that she is has started high school. So that's what we have spent a big chunk of money on lately.

savingI have been saving up to get one of those brand new iMac computers that are in all those pretty colors. I am hoping by Christmas time I can get one. I cannot decide on the color I want. I am very stuck between the red, yellow, or purple one. But I really do want one so bad! If anyone owns one, let me know what you think about them.

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