7 Tips for Turning A Blog into a Profitable Brand

Many bloggers successfully cross the divide from online writers to content created for business owners. Part of the ability to do this is the amazing relationship they build with their readers and how they develop the brand over the course of their blogging careers.

These days, it has never been easier to make a living from being a blogger, from product reviews, sponsorships with brands, and charging fees to host content written by third parties that are suitable for the blog.

As a newbie blogger, wannabe blogger, or even an established blogger, how can you turn your blog into a successful brand?

Create an instantly recognizable logo or tagline

You need to make sure you are using the same logo and colors on your blog, social media, and other digital activities and physical products and services. You need to be easily identifiable, and part of this has a logo that people can easily recognize as being you.

Be yourself

Part of the appeal of bloggers is that they are relatable. You need to find your audience and make sure you are as authentically as possible to appeal to your target audience and build a supportive following that sticks with you as you change and evolve.

Identify items you can sell

Once you have built your following, you need to look at suitable items that you can market and sell that are applicable to your brand and make sense to sell alongside your blog. This could be anything from apparel to stationery to digital products you create and offer for sale online. When sourcing products, you need to make sure you are paying a fair price that allows you to profit after your retail markup at a price point people are willing to sell.

Choose an online selling platform.

You want to make sure that you can easily sell your products online without making it excessively difficult for consumers. Adding a Woocommerce store or Shopify shopfront to your blog is easily done, and you can integrate your products alongside your blog in an effortless way.


How are you accepting payments? The more payment options you can offer people, the more chance you will sell your wares successfully. Remember, there will be a payment processing fee added to sales, so keep this in mind when choosing your payment provider and coming to a retail price.c


Are you going to be shipping products yourself or printing anything if you are offering personalization? If so, you need to look at how much time this will take you and how frequently you can post out. Thanks to the e-commerce giant Amazon, people aren't willing to pay high postage fees or wait longer than a few days for postage. So you need to assess how quickly you can post it and what you will be charging for postage.


Lastly, without marketing efforts, how will people know you are selling anything? You need to look at how you are going to market your products to increase sales and the platforms you are going to push your sales on.

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