I'm joining blogger Anne from In Residence and the Currently blog hop this month.

celebrating: The fact that my husband and I both just landed our dream jobs at the same time, moved across the country a month ago to Florida which we love so much, and cannot wait to live here for the rest of our lives. This is our happy place and we don't ever want to leave again. Working our dream jobs has been so exciting. He's doing virtual reality for a huge company and I am a graphic designer working with comedians, YouTube stars, and food companies to design their products. Something to celebrate indeed!

collecting: I just recently became open to the world of plants. Yes, plants. And now I'm addicted. I've been buying plants, flowers, and trees for our new home on Etsy. My family now thinks that I am starting to turn into "that plant lady".

gifting: Since our move and new jobs, we have all been gifting each other new things. We all bought new wardrobes, theme park tickets, new shoes, and just new home decor. It's just been exciting to be able to spoil ourselves and our children. I have never felt more blessed.

thinking: I have been thinking a lot about all the trips that we have started planning. We just enjoyed the day at Busch Gardens over Memorial Day weekend, and now just booked tickets for this weekend to SeaWorld. The following week we plan on going to Siesta Key beach and then we are seeing when we are able to also go to Legoland and Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. We have a full summer of fun booked and I cannot wait. The kids also want to enjoy the parks and simple things like the Science Center as well.

trying: I signed up for a subscription. I received a $100 gift card to use and can try different wines from award-winning independent winemakers. One of the best perks is that you don't like any bottle that you purchased, you can receive a full refund back on those. If you would like to try this Service out, click this link for a $100 giftcard for you or a friend that may love wine. I love that I can try different wines that I may not buy or think of buying. Then I can start a collection of favorites that I can purchase at a discount price while supporting small business winemakers.

And one more thing that I have been excited about is that I am officially a "cat mama" as well now. I have been wanting a cat for so many years. While living in Missouri, we had to get rid of our cat the first year we moved up there due to animals not being allowed by the landlord. So for eight years, I have been wanting a pet, and so have my children. And so, on Mother's Day, my husband said I could adopt a cat as my gift since we can now have pets in our new place. My oldest daughter and I drove up to the animal shelter and we found the perfect cat we both fell in love with.

Her name is Isabelle and she is two years old. She is so sweet, very well behaved, and she has been doing very good here. She seems to have claimed her spots around the house and loves to watch the squirrels and lizards that run by the window.

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