Good evening lovelies! This evening I am super excited to be introducing my Etsy Shop. Though there is not a lot on there, I am working on a bunch of things to add. So if you like anything, be sure to favorite those items or my shop. A 'thank you' in advance for helping a newbie out :)

I just got done adding a collection of watercolor Zodiac-themed wax melts which I'm really excited to share. These melts are 100% soy wax, handmade, and hand-poured from our small family business. Each container is packed with fragrance and made to order. 

Here is the listing description:

Who doesn't love wax melts? These specially designed melts are part of the Zodiac Watercolor Collection. This is a great addition to a gift for any occasion ... or just to keep for yourself!

This beautifully designed packaging pictures the different zodiac symbols, along with the quality traits of each zodiac sign.

Hand-made and hand-poured in the USA, this is 100% soy wax with no dyes added. The fragrance of your choice is added to produce a custom pack of welts melts anyone is sure to love. The fragrance is released cleanly and safely when warmed and can be used in a wide variety of fragrance warmers... Our wax melts have a high fragrance load, so they are stronger and last longer.

Soy wax is easy to remove from the tray and breaks smoothly into individual cubes.

Soy wax is a plant-based material that is sustainable, and renewably sourced.

Each pack of melts is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the wax to be poured, cured, and ready for shipment. We take pride in precision and the love that goes into each batch.


If you are interested in viewing these in my shop and reading up on the scent descriptions and how to purchase a pack, click below on the link.


These were so much fun to make. Each color is associated with that particular sign as well. I am so excited to have this Esty Shop and thankful for the opportunity. If you are interested in starting your own shop, you can use this LINK to get 40 listings for free. 

Share below in the comments what your sign is. I'm an Aries!
Thank you for stopping by.

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