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baking: The kids and I went shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff to bake. We plan on baking sugar cookies, brownies that are in the shape of Christmas trees, and gingerbread oldest daughter wanted to try her hand at baking and putting together a two-tiered cake. So we got everything for that as well. My scale is not going to be looking so good this season!

decorating: Even though it has always been a tradition to only start decorating for Christmas the Saturday before, I have been contemplating the thought of putting up the tree next weekend. We just have to see. Usually, we decorate right before, not earlier. But with the craziness of the year, we may do things a bit differently.

gifting: I still have not thought about gifts yet. The only thing my husband wants is either an XBOX Series X or PS5 and both are nowhere to be seen, even though I have spent countless hours trying to snag one online and in stores. The children want everything and anything so I'm still dwindling down their lists.

hoping: That the weather continues to stay nice and above 10 degrees. I am not looking forward to any real winter weather. I dread having to go out in the ice and snow. So let's hope for a nice warmer Christmas this year.

sending: Warm wishes and holiday greetings to my friends. Though I don't keep in touch anymore with people as I used to, I still hope they know that they are in my thoughts and I wish them all the joy of this season.

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