School's Out

Do you remember the song "School's Out" by Alice Cooper? With everything going on, this song keeps popping up in my head. Though, school isn't just out for summer as the song goes.

Two weeks ago the schools here in town shut down. The kids were about to go on Spring Break and so Monday was supposed to be the first day schools started back in session. However, not at school but at home. My two little ones were sent home with packets to get them through this first week of being schooled at home, while my oldest was sent home with everything on her iPad to connect to the school and submit her homework and lessons through there. We got through days 1 and 2 and then this morning we wake up to a halt. 

The school board has decided to stop all education at home for children at this time. The iPad a[ps were shut down and no more packets are going to be provided for the following days to come at this point. They sent an email with an announcement that it's too much of a burden on families to school their children at home and many complaints have been made to the school board in just two days.

This completely threw me off and actually angered me. Up until recently, we had homeschooled our children and so this was something that I felt was not a big deal. In fact, it was easier than homeschooling them because when I did it, I created the entire curriculum myself and putting in countless hours to making sure their education was the top priority. 

And here we are, the schools have sent home everything that parents need. Every instruction along with video lessons on Seesaw plus Schoology...I am still baffled on how people are saying that this is too much and not working for them. And the amount of work being asked is one-third of what they would typically do in a school day or even when we homeschooled them. 

I feel so much of this come from laziness, unfortunately. I do not understand how a parent would not try to educate or want to educate their children, especially when all fo the work is right there in front of them. Today we have Youtube videos and so many learning sites that if something isn't being understood, you can access those on top of having access to the teachers and staff still.

So they think it is best to stop education at this time and allow for a break. Unfortunately, I feel differently. I think at this time right now, it is more important to educate our children for them to not stop learning. I do not consider this time a "break" at all and life still must go on. Being educated is so important in today's world. I do feel bad for the children who it seems that their parents have no interest in their education.

I have been schooling all three of my children, getting all of their work completed and submitted back to the teachers each day, still doing my school work as well and turning in my homework and projects, and still on-call at my job also.

Yes, this may be harsh. I'm sorry if anyone feels that way. I just feel that your child's education comes first and that the school board should not shut down education for kids because parents have complained that they don't want to do this. I feel if anything, get something like ABC Mouse or MobyMax, Calvert Academy....etc .... do not allow their education to be put on hold.

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