It's My Party


It is my birthday .... and this year, unfortunately, we had to cancel all of our plans we had for this day. However, life goes on even though the devastating issues of the world at this time. We didn't get to do much. I mainly spent almost the entire day working on homework, with a couple of hours off to run some errands. I was able to find a birthday cake so we got to enjoy that, which was nice. I wasn't sure if there would be any left since the stores around here, and I am sure everywhere else, have shelves completely empty at the moment.

Since I was not able to go to the store and buy the birthday gift I wanted, I had to order it online, which was fine too. I've been wanting a new Coach purse for a long time. And they were having a sale online so not only was I able to snag a purse off their site for a decent price, but I also found a matching wallet as well. This is exciting because I've never had a matching bag and wallet before. I cannot wait for it to arrive. My daughter helped pick it out. This is what we decided on ... 

All and all my birthday was pretty basic. Homework was my main priority and I spent about 14 hours doing that and still have a little more to finish up before it is due tomorrow. I spent it with my kids and husband and so it was a nice family setting. The kids did make me a card which was super nice and thoughtful. I have to return back to work on Monday so life just starts back as normal again after the weekend. 

I'm eager to see how my thirty-eighth year on this earth goes. We shall see!

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