I missed the linkup this month, however, I still wanted to post because I made it point to post these each and every month. So regardless of the late submission, here is my post...better late than never, right?

This post comes from blogger Anne from In Residence and the Currently blog hop.

loving  |  So I know I am totally late in this but I was just recently introduced to the show The Office. Yes, I know, I must have been living under a rock to have never seen this show before now. A couple of co-workers convinced me to start watching it on Netflix and now I have been obsessed. I have spent every single one of my lunch breaks watching each and every episode. I really like it. It is funny and crude. Why hadn't I started watching this years ago? I don't know!

embracing  |  I have started to get back into working out. Once upon a time, I felt like I lived in a gym. I was always working out and really determined to stay healthy and fit. Sadly, I've pushed that motivation to the side for a while and now, I am pushing myself to get back into those habits. It's not as easy as I remember it though, that's for sure!

tasting  |  Lately, all I have been drinking is hot chocolate. I finally bought myself one of those cool mugs that everyone carries around with their coffee in it. I had my tumbler custom made and now, it is constantly filled all day at work with hot chocolate. And at home, I drink it in my Pusheen mugs.

wearing  |  It's been so cold here lately. February seems to always be the coldest month. Lots of snow, ice, and it's even gotten into the negatives a time or two. So I have been really into wearing turtle neck sweaters and hand-knitted scarfs to work. They are cozy and warm!

preparing  |  I have been preparing for graduation this coming October. I am so excited to graduate and not have such an insane school schedule. I'm really looking forward to and preparing for creating my own freelance design business and becoming known.

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