Everyone seems to know the popular show Dateline that has been around for years. The show's content serves up real-life mysteries and in-depth investigations from the show's 20-plus years on the air. Cases involving murders and missing people are frequent topics on the series that has won multiple Emmys in the news and documentary category.

One of the most well-known hosts on the show is Keith Morrison. And today, he was at my job. Yes, it is true. I saw him with my own eyes. Everyone in my department was going crazy when we heard the news he was in the building doing an interview for an upcoming episode of Dateline. 

This morning, when getting out of the car and walking up to work, I was in front of a camera crew loading their equipment from a vehicle as I was walking into work, they were behind me and at that point, wheeling their stuff on a cart. I assumed it was nothing since we have been having a lot of jury trials going on. I figured it was the news doing a story covering one of them.

However, I found out it was Keith Morrison's crew getting everything ready for the interview he was conducting up on the third floor. No one was allowed up there and they had the blinds pulled to the courtroom so no one could look in or disturb the interview in progress.

I was on my lunch break when I was walking behind him outside. I assume he was also going to lunch as well. So naturally, I snapped some photos of him walking up away from me. I was surprised he was alone and did not have anyone else joining him. And just as an FYI, he walks super fast. I could not believe how far ahead of me he had gotten in such a short amount of time.

But it was pretty cool to see a celebrity walking around and having one come to your job. I wish I could have actually met him. We joked about going up to the camera crew while they were just hanging out and asking if we could get a meet and greet in... but of course, we were at work and had to be totally professional and so we did not do any of that.

So of course, the rest of the day, that was the big talk around work. Working at the county courthouse, I have seen and heard a lot of things. Crazy, sad, hilarious... you name it. I have seen and heard it all. And now, I can add this to my list as well ..... just another day at the office! 

I will be looking out for the episode when it airs on tv. 

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