Currently | January 2020

Hello January!
Hello, 2020!
Hello to a new decade!

I've been excited for this day. The year 2020 has always been crazy to think about. When I was little and watched the news show 20/20 on tv, I would always wonder how things would be in the year 2020. And now, it's here to find out. I'm also excited because now it's become a brand new decade, which is baffling to think that 2010 was ten years ago. I also just think that 2020 as a number is really cool.

To start the year off, I decided to link up with Anne from In Residence and the Currently blog hop.

resolving  |  I have been resolving to go visit my brother's grave more often. I have not been to visit the cemetery in a very long time. Mostly because it hurts me so much to go there. This is something that is still hurting inside my heart and soul and it's hard to take in even though it has been two years now since he was killed. It feels like yesterday that we found out. I know my parents go every week to visit his grave and make sure it is tidy and neat. I pass by it on the road and say hello when I am over that way. I just get so upset when I drive up to his gravestone and think about him not being here anymore. But I would like to get the strength to be able to go there more. If anyone cares to read about what I wrote about it, here is the post. I couldn't write about it until a few weeks after it happened because of the shock factor. 
reading  |  I hate to admit this, but I am not currently reading anything at the moment except children's books to my kids. I would like to get into reading a book of my choice for once sometime this month. I'm up for any suggestions that you want to throw out at me.

cleaning  |  This evening, we took down all of the Christmas decorations. As much as I really love having the Christmas stuff up, I could not wait to take it all down as well because I missed having space in my living room again. Since our living/dining room is so small, we had to rearrange everything so that the tree would fit. But that just created such a tight space and it was hard to move around and sit and eat anywhere. So now that it has finally come down, I get to clean and vacuum in all the spots that I wasn't able to where the tree had been.
creating  |  At the moment, I am revamping the planners that I have created on my Teachers Pay Teachers site. I've been doing a major overhaul to my homeschool planner and I am very excited to release it. I am hoping to have it published by the end of winter break. I am also wanting to create more resources for my site as well.   

planning  |  I am planning my youngest child's birthday. She is going to turn six years old on January 7. I took off work that day and will be bringing cupcakes to her class for a little party and then we will have a party at home with the family after school is over. I cannot believe she is going to be turning six. Where has the time gone? I remember when I found out that I was pregnant with her and how shocked we were because we had just moved and I thought the pregnancy symptoms I was having were just from the stress of moving across the country with a small child and a five-month-old. And now, she's growing into such a big, smart girl. I am taking her this weekend to pick out her cake and cupcakes. She says she wants Elsa or the LOL dolls theme. So we shall see what she decides on once we get to the bakery.

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