Redbox Movie Gift Basket

This year at work, I was on the Christmas Party planning committee. We planned a "County Christmas" theme with the traditional red truck and plaid decor. However, due to being so ill, I was unable to attend the actual party and had to miss work almost that entire week because of the flu. So I was a bit sad that I was unable to join the festivities. However, I heard the party was fun and turned out to be great among my co-workers.

So as part of the prizes to give out at the party, each member of the committee was to create a different themed gift basket. The gift basket I volunteered to create was a movie basket. I had the perfect idea in mind. I was given a budget of $35.00 to create this basket.

I had the perfect idea in mind. I went to the dollar store and found almost everything that I needed. I used a popcorn basket as the actual basket to hold everything and then I picked out everything and anything to do with movie theater candy and popcorn. Originally I was also going to include a gift card to the movies as well. But after doing a little research on these types of baskets and what other crafters were using as gifts, I decided to turn this into a Redbox gift basket. 

This was great because now someone could enjoy a ton of popcorn and movie theater candy at home with free Redbox movie rentals. This way someone who may not live in town, does not have to drive to the theaters here to redeem their card. They can just enjoy whichever movie at home.

So then I went onto Redbox's website and purchased codes for one-night free movie rentals. This was simple and easy to do. I had never done that before so I was a bit nervous. Don't ask me why LOL. But I didn't want to accidentally buy 500 rental codes. 

With the last bit of the money from the budget, I also included a six-pack of Coke mini cans (which fit perfectly at the bottom of the plastic popcorn basket).

So then I was able to create some movie code cards and placed them throughout the basket, not exposing the codes obviously. And then I created a gift tag to hang on the outside of the basket. I think this basket turned out pretty great for the budget I was given.

Have you created a Redbox movie gift basket for anyone? What did you include in it?

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