Free March 2017 Calendar Printable

Hello lovelies! It's been so long since I sat and wrote a blog post and I have some good reasons for that. Life has been a big whirlwind since the start of this year and so many changes have happened and my family has needed my time. But I'm trying hard to get back into the game of blogging again. I miss everything about it, including all of you!

So I sat down today and decided to give a few things a try. I wanted to design my own calendar for the month of March since it's fast approaching. And I wanted to share it all with you! So I have created two similar, but different designs to choose from. My inspiration came from the night sky with these. I wanted something gold foil and dark blue. Something a bit different and bold that would stand out.

I decided I wanted to try a new thing called Freebie Friday. I would love to offer something free on Fridays to all of you. It may not be every Friday but I am going to try to make this a habit to keep on designing each week and get back into the habit of it.

And the best part, it's free to just download, print, and start using! Easy peasy.

To grab a copy of them for yourself, just click on one of the share buttons below to share this post and you will see a download button appear. Just click on that and save to your desktop. Then print and use! These files are in PDF form.

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I typed out before printing all the important dates so far that I need to remember and keep track of. I'm sure I'll be handwriting more in there as well as things come up. I prefer typing them in, but that's just a personal preference. You can take this PDF into a photo editing software and add in your own type. I used Adobe Illustrator because that's what I used when creating this so it was just easy to pop in the text.

If you enjoyed this, let me know. I am always happy to hear feedback from everything. This will always be a free download and I would love to create more in the future. If you guys liked these, I may do one for April as well.