Why Pine Bros. Has You Covered

I don't know about you, but the weather where I live has not been the most enjoyable. It's been freezing and we have seen a little snow already. Winter is for sure in full bloom here. Temperatures are in the 20's or lower every day. Yuck! What's worse about the cold weather? Having the feeling you are getting sick. Nothing is worse than that. Am I right?

Sore throats are in full swing this month and everyone wants relief. I am sure you are like me and really get highly irritated by a sore and scratchy throat. You can't feel like yourself even if you aren't sick. But that is why I really love using Pine Bros. Softish Throat Relief Drops.

When it comes to my family, I don't believe in very many pharmaceuticals. It just all seems so unnatural to me. I don't want myself or my family using anything that can cause side effects or other health concerns down the road. So that is one of the reasons I choose Pine Bros.

Since 1870, they have been the choice of many families to help soothe and relief the throats of their loved ones. Pine Bros uses many great natural ingredients. The natural Gum Acacia
is pure, medicinal, and therapeutic...while the Plant Glycerin has been derived from nature and used as an oral demulcent to soothe mucous membranes for centuries.

I have been enjoying their new Vitamin C Orange, as well as, the Sugar-Free Wild Cherry Throat Drops. These both taste really great. They do not taste in the least bit like any type of medicine. Because they aren't made with medicine! No after taste either. Almost like a great tasting candy to suck on that amazingly helps your sore throat feel better. That is a huge reason I love these. They differ so much from all the other brands out there you can buy at the stores. Plus, these seem to really work and help and I don't have to worry at all with them being "unsafe". A huge plus in my book.

Pine Bros products are also gluten-free and vegan as well. I know so many people with gluten allergies so this makes life just one step easier for those with that concern. I love that. And I have several friends who are vegan. Perfect for them to ease their throats without the worry of using products they don't believe in.

I have been using both of these throat drops every time I feel a sore throat coming on and I can personally say, my throat feels better just after two drops are taken. Now they won't cure a sore throat and nor do they claim to. It just helps relieve some of the scratchy, burning, sore feeling you get when your throat is not happy. But these make them feel happy again! I have tried several products in my lifetime and I can say, without a doubt, I have enjoyed Pine Bros the very best!

I prefer the Cherry over the Orange flavor. Both are very great. I can't say anything bad about the tastes. I am just a person who has a taste for more fruity tasting things over citrus. However, I really love citrus too. So both these choices are the perfect fit for my taste buds to enjoy while trying to feel better.

Go grab some of these for yourself and see why so many mothers fathers, doctors and nurses already love Pine Bros Throat Drops and trust them for their families too. You can find the Sugar-Free Cherry Throat Drops at Harris Teeter, Harmon, and ShopRite. Or grab some Vitamin C Orange Throat Drops from Kinney Drug. But both can found on the Pine Bros website.

Have you ever tried a Pine Bros product? What did you think? What was your favorite? If you haven't, would you like to? On their website, you can find a coupon to save on your purchase with them.