Habits That Can Induce Wrinkles

Having healthy skin is the best way to prevent wrinkles and keep on looking young as the years pass by. There are several little habits you might have that are going to have an impact on your skin's health, and make wrinkles a bigger problem. Though there are a number of products out there with potent wrinkle-reduction ingredients, avoiding wrinkles in the first place is a better way to go.

Avoiding Sunscreen
Your face sees the sun nearly every single day, and its easy to stop thinking about sunscreen when you're not headed to the beach on a summer day. Protecting your skin with a light sunscreen daily is a better habit than ignoring it, and it will keep your skin much healthier and free from age spots.

If you only do one thing to help your skin, choose this one. Quit smoking. Not to mention that it's a habit that will cause a number of other serious health problems besides ruining your skin. Though it effects your body in a number of ways, there are a couple smoking side-effects that are particularly disastrous for your skin.

For one, smoking constricts your blood vessels, and that has a very noticeable impact on the delicate capillaries in your skin. That means every time you smoke, you are starving your skin for moisture and nourishment. On top of that, you have a toxic cloud around your face with each exhale as well.

Leaving Makeup On
You simply must take the time to properly remove your makeup and wash your face at the end of the day. Don't settle for a quick splash of water either. Most cosmetic products are somewhat water-resistant and aren't going to come off completely until you use the proper cleanser to do the job right.

You need to let your skin rest and breathe at night, especially if you do wear a considerable amount of makeup through the day. Stale makeup is going to clog pores and dry out the top layers of your skin, leading to wrinkles in a short period of time.

Pulling and Touching Your Skin
In general, just keep your hands off your face unless necessary. All that constant contact just adds oils, dirt and fine damage to your skin. You also need to be gentle when applying your make-up. It's easy to get a little rough when trying to get your cosmetics just right, leading to stretching or pulling when not really necessary.

Diet and Drink Choices
While not strictly a habit, you may be eating or drinking things that contribute to wrinkles. There isn't a single food or beverage that is the culprit, but rather a more general diet that can be the problem. Mainly, if you are eating a lot of processed junk food that is high in sugar, it will reflect in your face. As your body struggles to process excess sugar, inflammation can develop which will ruin the elastic nature of your skin. From that, you get sagging, poor tone and wrinkles.

And when it comes to drink, you should stay away from excess alcohol. Alcohol interferes with your normal hydration levels and it destroys certain vitamin stores in your body (typically vitamin A), which leaves you without the antioxidants your skin needs to repair damage.