She Did My Makeup {Halloween Style}

Happy almost Halloween everyone!!!! That's right, tomorrow is Halloween and are you just as excited as I am? I cannot wait. I have my costume almost ready {I'm making it from scratch} and my kids' costumes are all ready to go as well. We are so excited to take on the neighborhood this year trick or treating! Yea!!! It will be my two little one's first-time trick or treating and they can't wait.

So in honor of Halloween, my daughter has been begging me to want to paint my face. And since my really great friend Chrissy [A Little Dash of Diva] is always on top of the youtube makeup stuff, I finally got her to convince me to try it out as well.

Though I have to tell you, this was really hard for me. I'm really super shy in front of the camera. I was not feeling well at all during this taping and I have gained so much weight lately.... I just hate the way I looked on film. I feel a lot prettier on snapchat! You can use filters to hide your "self conscious" areas. I couldn't on here.

So as hard as this is for me to publish this video and post it for the world, I am doing it because my daughter really wanted me to. And so I decided, for her I will. But next time, I'll be looking back to glam like I usually like to look in photos and videos soon.

So this is Natalya {my ten year old} painting my face Halloween style. This was her first time doing this seriously and I think she had it turn out good. I then painted hers but didn't record the process of doing it. Just the end result. I hope you all enjoy.