It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

This past week, we went on a field trip with our local homeschool group to one of the popular pumpkin patch farms nearby. I was really excited about going because we had gone in the past and had fun. This time, I was able to just take Natalya and my mom watched the little ones for me. That made it so much easier to be able to enjoy and spend time with Natalya one on one. We both really enjoy the days we have to do things together alone. All the other days, the little ones make things chaotic, it is a nice break to have some downtime.

So we headed over to Peach Tree Farm. It wasn't as crowded as we were originally told and I'm glad actually because it seemed so peaceful and we could just walk around and do things on our own without a time constraint. There were several things to do there....walk through the sunflower garden, pet & feed the animals, pick a pumpkin right out of the pumpkin patch, hayrides, go inside a life-size Native American teepee, find your way out of a hay maze, and other fun things.

Surprisingly, it was 82 degrees that day and that really wasn't expected as the last time we went a few years ago, it was soooo cold. This has been a warm fall so far for us. But I'm sure it will start to get cool soon enough. But we had a great day there.

They had some really huge pumpkins there. Some were larger than the kids. It was pretty fascinating. But my daughter just wanted to go back through the hay maze over and over again. She loved the maze. The kids even got me to go through it with them. I admit, it was pretty dark and I was getting lost in there. They were even trying to scare me by running past me and then popping out of the corners. It was pretty fun.

I kind of wish we could have this all year round. That would be really fun and always have something fun for the kids to do that seems easy and not too stressful. Something about the pumpkin patch really makes fall come to life. I'm not a fan of fall {mostly because it means cooler weather} but I do love the colors and the pumpkins!!