When It Rains, It Sprinkles! Pink Zebra Review

I am someone who loves candles and anything that is going to make my home smell great. I always have to have something burning or melting in my home because let's face it. I have two toddlers. Need I say more? Two toddlers equal two potty training thrills and spills. Potty training is a messy and stinky business. I need to make sure I'm smelling something other than a stinky pull-up or an oopsie on the carpet. We know it happens. That's the fun of being a mom.

But lucky me, I was finally introduced to Pink Zebra and it has helped make my house smell amazing again. What is Pink Zebra? You haven't heard? Let me give you the facts on what this is all about. Pink Zebra is a US based company that makes a safer alternative to traditional candles by using soft soy {a blend of soy and paraffin wax}. This makes it more of a safer and cleaner alternative for your family to breathe in and enjoy. I really love the packaging because it comes in a glass jar and not plastic. I'm not too much of a fan of plastic containers so this fits right in with our lifestyle.

So what makes them different from other home fragrance wax companies out there that sell very similar products? The way the product is sold....that is the difference right there. Instead of buying a bar or wax melt, you can purchase "sprinkles". The sprinkles allow you to add in as much or as little as you would like and to even mix and match scents together to create a new one. Just sprinkle in what you want and let the fragrance fill the room. It's that easy.

I got in contact with the very sweet, Deni and she sent me a couple of items to review and share with you all. Deni is an Executive Consultant and started her Pink Zebra journey in May of 2015. She has been going strong ever since! I was so excited to receive the Aspen Pine sprinkles and black zebra pattern simmer pot in the mail. First of all, I can't tell you what a fan of "Christmas" scents I am. And I told Deni this too and she chose the Aspen Pine for me. It couldn't have been a better fit. This smells just like a fresh cut Christmas tree. It makes my house smell like heaven to me. I love the smell of walking into the room and it just smells like a Christmas tree. So awesome! And it smells just like true pine. I'm in love!! And she surprised me with the black simmer pot. I really wanted the black one and she read my mind. It was just a match made perfect. So I'm so happy with the choice of products so far as soon as I opened the box.

Everything came with cute pink zebra print boxes. Squeal! I love it. Tha packaging is just super cute. So girly and that's just my style. I was really excited to open everything up and give it all a test run. My kids were really excited too. All the wanted to do was smell the sprinkles non-stop.

The first thing we pulled out was the sprinkles container. As I mentioned earlier, this came in a glass container which actually surprised me as I was sure this was a plastic container. But in fact, it's glass. That is a huge plus in my book. Glass is much more desired in my family over anything plastic. I opened the lid and poured some out on the counter. The sprinkles really are cute little wax beads. What a great concept. They were easy to pour out and easy to put back in. A funny little quote on a card came with this as well. It reads, " Two things can change a woman's mind: saying 'I love you' and '50% Discount!' "

I jumped into trying out a craft at first before actually testing the sprinkles and the warmer. I have seen on a few blogs that people were talking about other ways to use your sprinkles other than just in a warmer. For instance, you could put them in your vacuum bags and let them make your cleaning more fresh smelling. You could put the sprinkles in a satchel and place it in a drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh....especially the sock drawer! You could even put some in the kitty litter boxes to freshen up the "not so nice" smells of the kitty's duty. But one example caught my eye.....you could turn these into little candles! Genius. I told you in the beginning I loved candles so what a cool concept.

Now I only had one jar of sprinkles but you can use two different scents to make it have a fun layered effect. But I decided to give it a try. I used a small glass jar, candle wick rope, and the Pink Zebra sprinkles. Cut the wick to the desired length to fit my container, and then started to add the sprinkles to it until it was full.

Then the magic begins. Light it up and watch it instantly become a candle. Genius! Now just enjoy the aroma.

But now it was time to really put these sprinkles to work and try them out in my new simmer pot. I have a warmer from a different company I purchased about a year ago so I wanted to compare my new Pink Zebra warmer to my old one. Now, the Pink Zebra simmer pot was nothing like any warmer I own now. My current warmer has a light bulb inside which, when turned on, heats up the dish on top to melt the max and let the scent disperse in the air.

The simmer pot is a bit different. It's not as tall and it uses a hot plate instead of a lightbulb. So when the hot plate heats up the dish sitting directly on top, it warms up and starts to melt the sprinkles and diffuse the scent. So the two are slightly different.

I wanted to show you an up close look at the detail of the simmer pot because it really is just so cute. I first noticed after taking it out of the box, that it had the adorable Pink Zebra mascot raised up inside the dish where you add the sprinkles. How adorable! I loved that.

The simmer pot is in two pieces. The main body of it and the top dish. The flat part on the body is the hot plate and that is where all the heat is transferred so when your dish sits on there, it heats up fast because it's directly placed on the heat without having to be suspended above it like my other warmer.

Another feature about this simmer pot that is not on my other warmer is that there is an indicator light on the front of it to show you when it's turned on. And it really is bright! Since my other warmer heats up by a light bulb, you can tell when it's on by the light showing through a design on the base of the warmer. I also noticed Pink Zebra's simmer pots have a very long cord to it. Which can be a great thing. Far too often with these types of things, the cords are too short, making it impossible to plug them in somewhere that little fingers can't reach them. So I really like the length they give you for that.

To begin, I let both heat up to be as close to the same temperature as I could get them to be. The simmer pot warms up a lot faster then my current warmer. That can be a good thing though cause then you can get your scent to fill the air faster. But how well do they both do when we apply the sprinkles?

I then measured the same amount of sprinkles into two identical spoons so that I could see the melting time it took from each company's warmer. Pouring the sprinkles in at the same time, I started to really see an immediate response right away.

The next series of photos were all taken in exactly one-minute increments. The first photo below was at one minute of melting time. The next one is at two minutes and the final photo is at three minutes of melting time.

As you can see, it only took three minutes for the sprinkles to melt completely in my Pink Zebra simmer pot comparing to my other warmer. Both of them still let off an amazing scent in the room and made it smell like Christmas Eve. Just to compare, it did take ten minutes total for the sprinkles in my current warmer to fully melt. And I believe it was because the hot plate with the simmer pot gets more heat faster to the dish than the one using a light bulb to heat it up.

So was I happy with my first experience with Pink Zebra? Did I think the sprinkles and the simmer pot was a great way to go when I needed to make my home smell amazing?

Well, the answer to those questions is yes! I really did enjoy my Pink Zebra experience. I thought the concept of "sprinkles" was fun and a little exciting. Is that wrong for me to admit that? But it was! I loved that. I cannot wait to be able to get more and mix some of these scents together. I know that could be such a fun little experiment. I will indeed be buying more sprinkles and discovering even more wonderful scents coming out. I believe the fall scents have arrived and I know those are going to smell wonderful.

Pink Zebra not only offers sprinkles and simmer pots. They have other great fragrance items as well. You can check out the entire Pink Zebra line and see everything they have to offer.

So sprinkle some fun into your life and grab a bottle of these today!
Contact Deni to get your Pink Zebra experience started.