It's Fall Y'all

It's officially fall.....the first day of fall. And while I can't say that I LOVE fall, I don't dislike it either. It's not my favorite season but it's a great one though. I love the fall scents...though I don't like pumpkin...I'm not into the pumpkin spice or pumpkin pie or any other "pumpkin" scent you can think of. No, it's just not for me. However, I love the fall neutral colors though.

Something about the dark browns and tans and creams and oranges and reds all playing around together.... maybe because wearing brown makes me look more tan. Maybe because I only wear brown eyeshadow...

Maybe because the trees look so beautiful with the changing of the leaves. I don't know... but fall is a beautiful season.

I'm a summer girl though. I love the hot days, the pool, the tanning, the summer feel.... I'm just a summer girl so I'm so sad to say goodbye to summer today. It's a bit sad, yes... I'm sad to say goodbye to the hot summer days. It's those days I live for. But fall isn't all so bad. Though I don't like the cooler weather. Not one bit. Though I'm a hot chocolate addict, I cannot stand a cool chill in the air, I do not like nights where you have to snuggle up with a blanket, and I do not like the days getting shorter. No, those are the things I really dislike about fall.

No, oh no..... I don want to have to wrap up in a blanket. I love when all I can wear are summer dresses barefoot with my hair down because it's too hot to wear anything else. That's the season I want to live in forever... not the ones where I have to wrap up in a blanket... ugh I'm dreading fall more and more.

What's your take on fall? Do you love it or are you like me and already counting the days down back to summer again next year?

Regardless, happy Fall y'all !!