US Angels Dress Review

Having a little girl is amazing. I'm even luckier that I have two little girls. I remember when my oldest was the only child and she was little. I had the hardest time finding a dress for her to be the flower girl in my wedding. Every dress we tried on was out of stock or no longer carried from the company in her size. 

It was a mess and stress for me to say the least. With the wedding fast approaching, I could never find the perfect dress. After countless bridal stores and online websites, I finally found the perfect dress. But it was such a long and stressful journey. I really wish I had known about Us Angels. I just recently was introduced to them and I fell in love with the site. Why couldn't this have been around when I needed a flower girl dress?

But now, we have found their site to be perfect for other occasions. With my daughter very involved in violin, she has lots of recitals. As everyone knows, recitals come with formal wear. And sometimes it's still hard finding a gorgeous recital dress for her. And now we finally did. 

When she looked through the Us Angels website with me, she instantly fell in love with two dresses right off the bat. I couldn't wait to get them in the mail for her to try them on. Shopping on their website was really easy. There is a great variety of choices and most dresses come in several colors. They have a great collection of flower girl, Communion, and semi-casual dresses, as well as accessories to choose from. Their dresses come in a wide range of sizes from infant sizes to girls plus size. Not every dress is offered in every size and I highly recommend using their size chart to make sure you are getting the perfect fit.

Once I placed my order, it did not take very long at all to arrive. We were out of state when my package came but I was excited to receive it when I got back. The two dresses my daughter chose was the Aztec Double Knit dress and the Peony Flower Girl dress. Both so very gorgeous on the website and even more amazing in person.

The dresses fit true to size. I measured my daughter before placing the order just to make sure but it fit and measured the same size she normally wears. I was really happy about that. Both dresses are made with high-quality material. You can tell in the weight of the Peony dress that this one feels like a mini wedding dress. I was highly impressed.

The Aztec dress was made with lighter and more breathable material but still very high quality. My daughter loves both these dresses so much. They are going to be perfect for her recitals and more dressy occasions. She was able to move around comfortably in them which I was really happy to hear.

If you have a special occasion coming up and need a beautiful dress for your little girl, check out Us Angels and see all the wonderful dresses and accessories they have to offer. These are perfect for the special occasions in your little girl's life.