Pamper Yourself A Little

Who doesn't love a little pampering? What about some "me" time? I can't say I don't know anyone that would say no to that. How could you? Everyone loves to pamper themselves. And what better way than with a little Posh? Perfectly Posh that is! Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? If you haven't, you are surely missing out. I LOVE Perfectly Posh and can't say enough great things about their products. 

One reason why I love them and you should too is this :::::

That's right! Perfectly Posh has none of the bad stuff you would want to use on your skin. I know, it's something I always think about when buying products to use on myself and my family. Perfectly Posh feels the same way. That is why their products are gentle enough for all ages to use.

Which is great because my children have such sensitive skin, it's hard to find something that doesn't make their skin irritated or break out. Also, if that wasn't enough, here is a great deal going on when you buy five of their products {excluding the lip balms}.

I am always looking for great deals like this when I'm shopping. Who can say no to free?

This review couldn't have come at a better time. And sadly, I apologize for it not being posted sooner. I've been so sick with a bad head cold and we are moving at the moment so I've been trying to pack. It hasn't been going as planned. I feel so terrible and crappy most days from the bad cold I have. So this was a really nice way to take a break and give myself a little pampering to make me feel just a tad better.

The lovely Julie, a Perfectly Posh consultant, sent me these items to try out for her and allow me to tell all my lovely readers what I thought of them. 

Here is what I received in my package.

Let's start with the very popular, Crackle Spackle. I hear so much about this product and I was really excited to get this to try out and see what everyone keeps raving about.

What is Crackle Spackle?
Charcoal powder, volcanic ash, kaolin clay, and invigorating spearmint will leave your skin so freshly detoxed it might have you cackling with glee. Our deep-cleaning, facial mask uses kaolin, charcoal, and volcanic ash to clarify skin, then tones it with astringent spearmint and eucalyptus.

So what were my thoughts on it?
It has a very strong minty smell, which I love! It really wakes up your senses. It starts to make your face tingle as well. You really so start feeling it work into your skin. I really liked the application of it. It went on super smooth and  really thick. Like applying a mud mask. So it felt as if I were really giving my face a deep facial. I don't like masks that have a thin application and this one was not like that. It really caked on well and there were no drips or runniness to it.

I also liked that as I was applying, the mask wasn't drying out fast either so I could get an even application on before the mask began to dry. I left it on for about ten minutes and rinsed it off. Like other masks I have used in the past, I recommend just rinsing it off in the shower because it can get messy if you aren't careful. But I expected that. My face felt really smooth afterwards. I was impressed with that. I really loved how my skin looked and felt after only one use.

The downside to it, my kids were absolutely terrified of me. My two year old just kept screaming NOOOOOO at me and my three year old just stood there crying LOL..... I guess they are too young to understand the concept of a face mask just yet and thought I was a creepy monster.

The next product I tried out was the Bahama Berry Lip Scrub. I couldn't wait to try this as I have such dry lips from being sick. I needed something to get them back to feeling normal again.

Here's what the Bahama Berry Lip Scrub is all about....
Sugar tinged with iced strawberry and orange exfoliate, while shea butter moisturizes your mouth. 

First off, I can't tell you how amazing this smelled once I opened the tin. I love the scent of strawberries and oranges and these two combined smell awesome together. You can smell just a hint of the orange while it's dancing around in strawberry delight. It smells so yummy, it makes you want to run into a strawberry patch and just gobble up all the strawberries you can.

The texture is very gritty but still has a very smooth application which just rubs right onto your lips easily. I applied a generous amount {but not too generous} to my lips and just used my finger to rub and scrub my poor dry lips.

I wiped it off with a cloth and my lips felt so soft and normal again. No dry skin at all whatsoever. I was very much amazed by that. My lips were silky and tingled just a little afterwards. It also left a super fruity aftertaste on my lips.

Of course, now that my lips were no longer dry, I decided I should moisturize them with the Santa Monica Smooth Caffeinated Lip Balm

What's a Caffeinated Lip Balm?
Santa Monica Smooth moisturizes with shea butter, protects with beeswax, and refreshes with bright peach, citrus, and mint hydration for soft, supple lips. A zippy touch of caffeine completes this perfectly pampered pout.

These are the many faces of me while putting on lip balm.

First of all, I have to say, the idea of a caffeinated lip balm really sparked my interest. I was super excited and waiting to try this out, just because I wasn't sure what to expect from caffeine in a lip product. But it had me really excited to see what all my friends had been raving about on this one.

The lip balm is a skinny tube so it can fit virtually anywhere easily. In your pocket, in your purse, even in the side of your shoe. I tend to put stuff in my shoe when I need to carry a couple of things around and can't have my purse with me. The container is about as skinny as my pinky finger.

The application is super smooth on your lips. You can feel the caffeine working a bit because it slightly tingles, making your lips feel a bit more alive {not in a weird science kind of way though LOL}. I really love the fruity mango scent it has to it. The balm doesn't feel goopy or heavy at all and soaks into your lips, making them feel moisturized all day long. I really love lip balm and this one is a winner in my book!

Next up to try was one of Posh's famous Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes in Good Vibes. I know everyone always talks about how much they love the BFYHC and I could not wait to try it for myself.

So what is Good Vibes Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme?
Good Vibes is the perfect size for moisture on-the-go, featuring coconut oil, vitamin E, and aloe to renew tired, dry, hardworking hands without leaving them oily. Vitamin-rich apricot kernel oil gives you a big, juicy dose of hydration without that annoying, greasy residue.

Now I know I've said this in other reviews, and I'll say it here too. I'm not a total fan of lotions. Only because most make my skin feel really greasy and I have some weird thing about that where it kind of freaks me out to have my skin feel that way.

But since I've heard so many amazing things about this hand creme, I wanted to give it a go because my skin does dry out, especially in the winter, and I really do need to find something I can use that I'm happy with.

So when I first opened up the lotion and squirted it into my hand, I noticed right away it was super thick. It came out in a thick, fat line, not skinny like most other lotion bottles tend to do. I really did like that and I could feel the weight of this lotion. It felt super creamy in my hand.

It has a very light mango smell to it with a hint of coconut and you could smell both. Very tropical but still on the lighter side with the scent so it wasn't overpowering at all but still smelled great. I rubbed it onto the backside of my hand and I immediately saw that it took almost no time to soak in. With as thick as it was, the soak in time was phenomenal. 

And the best news of all, it does not make your skin feel oily in any way, shape, or form! That totally is a super win for me. I never am satisfied with lotions, but I was really impressed with this one. And it kept my hand feeling very soft, smooth, and moisturized the rest of the day, compared to the hand I didn't apply it to. My husband even told me he noticed a difference in my hands by the smoothness and texture on the one I applied the hand creme to. I'm very pleased with this one for sure!

The last product I got to try out was the Key Lime Pie Chunk. This was just a sample size of their bar soap, but I have got to tell you, I have purchased one of their chunks in the past and these bars are no joke. The size is out of this world and they last for a few months. I've never had a bar of soap last that long, but these really do. They are totally worth every penny.

What exactly is a Key Lime Pie Chunk?
A Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil base soap baked to perfection with oat bran, dry milk, and lime. 

My daughter helped with this part. I asked her to wash her hands with it after a big mess that her and her sister got into. So she washed her hands with the Key Lime Pie chunk and it made her hands super clean. The soap lathers up very easily and fast for a deep clean.

You can smell the hint of the lime in the soap which is very lovely. My daughter also has super sensitive skin, so it's hard to find products for her to use that won't irritate her skin and this soap did not irritate or mess with her skin at all. She made no complaints afterwards and that's what I like to hear. Finally finding products my whole family can use without the worries of harsh chemicals in them.

I was really loving all these products to try. I would buy all of these and use them with my family. Like I just stated above, I love being able to find products that aren't made of such harsh chemicals and use more natural things so that everyone in my family can enjoy them with fear or worry of irritation or breakouts. I love that the products are safe for little kids as well since I have two toddlers as well as an almost pre-teen.

You can check out Julie's Perfectly Posh site and see all the great products she has to offer. Have you ever tried Perfectly Posh? What were your thoughts? What are your favorite products or what products are you wanting to try? Let me know below in the comments!