Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Feeders

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Spring is finally here! Hooray!!! I couldn't wait for the day to arrive when the cold, winter winds were gone and the warm sun was finally going to stay for a while. Spring has finally sprung. Which means new, exciting adventures await.

I know my children are so excited to be able to get outside and play without freezing and doing fun things like splashing in puddles and playing in the sand box. One of their favorite things to do though is watch bugs crawl around on the dirt and birds chirping and flying back and forth from tree branch to tree branch.

They love the birds. My two youngest children are two and three years old. The birds get them giggling and smiling so much. Something about being a child is a beautiful thing. Their minds are so open to every possibility and they take notice of everything around them and move in wonder around every idea they can think of.

It was only perfect we go ahead and make Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Feeders. It's really easy and fun for almost any age. Even I had fun helping the children make these. It is affordable as well as quick. You don't need to have a lot of time to create these and the birds will love you for it which is a huge plus. Making the kids smile and giving them something to do, while helping the birds.

You will need to start by gathering some simple things together

First turn on your stove to medium heat and add 1/2 cup water to your pot. Then add in 2 packets of Gelatine and stir until the mix is completely dissolved. This can take a little bit of time because the gelatine starts to clump up. Don't get discouraged, just keep stirring and it will eventually dissolve completely.

Next, take your pot off the burner and let cool for a minute and then pour 1 1/2 cup bird seed into the pot and stir that in with the gelatine mix until the bird seed is covered completely and mixed well. If you have some mixture left at the bottom, add a little more bird seed til most of the liquid is gone.

Take some of your wax paper and place the cookie cutters on top. Start to spoon out some of the bird seed into them, forming the seed into the small areas. Only fill them half way with bird seed though.

Take your string {or yarn/twine} and cut it to your desired length and tie the ends into a knot.

Place the knotted end toward the top of the cookie cutter and then apply more bird seed on top, packing it in, until it is filled and well covered.

Now you need your feeders to dry. This process should be an overnight process as it is best to let it dry completely before trying to remove anything from the cookie cutters. I placed mine out in the sun for a few hours and then flipped them over carefully by peeling away the wax paper and just turning it over so that the underneath side got some time to dry out.

After a few more hours, I placed them in the freezer for an hour and removed them and let them sit out for a bit until they were ready to be removed from the cookie cutters and ready to hang. Removing them from the plastic cookie cutters was a lot easier than trying to get them out of the metal ones. Just an FYI in case you were wanting to know which one was better.

We did a couple more of them because we had enough bird seed left over in our pot to make about five feeders total. Not too bad. Two didn't hold up as well but I was very happy about the rest.

The last step is to go outside and hang up your new bird feeders on tree branches and then sit back and watch the birds come by to have a snack.

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Now that the weather is warming up, what are your spring/summer plans? Do you have anything interesting to do with the kids this year?