Goodbye Mississippi

We spent last week down in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was beautiful there. I really miss being near the ocean and this made me miss it even more. So beautiful everything was. The six of us {me, my husband, our three children, and my father} all took the 15 hour car ride down there to go to my husband's grandmother's funeral. 

It was a beautiful service they had for her. Everything was what she would have wanted. It was very sad and a rough time for my family to deal with the loss. But we wanted to be there to say a last goodbye. My father watched the two little ones while my husband and oldest daughter went.

Aside from the heartbreak and sadness, we did have a great time visiting with his family and meeting relatives I hadn't met before. I really enjoyed it a lot. I miss being near the ocean and we stayed right near the water's edge. It was so perfect.

We enjoyed the food and all the things we got to do and see. I wasn't on social media much as we were always on the go and the drive was so draining. But we are back home now and life is going back to normal again. We did meet some very nice people while staying on the Air Force base there and had fun with our new friends.

Though there was more we wanted to see and do, I was still glad for the things we did get to see down there. Life down south is very different from life back here up north. I never realized that when I was living in Florida. But now that we live in the Midwest, I see the changes and differences. Some good, some bad. I kept joking to my husband that maybe we should think about moving down there. I wouldn't mind living over that way.

We drove the 15 hours back home on Sunday and life went back to normal again. So in case you were wondering, that is why I didn't post the blog hop last week. Too much was going on. I did not have a computer with me and we had so many things going on here and there. But life is what it is and sometimes it's good and other times it's bad. But remember to live each day with happiness and no regrets!