Plan The Perfect Vow Renewal—Say “I Do” Again, But This Time With Your Entire Family!

A vow renewal is the perfect way to celebrate your relationship, whether it marks a milestone anniversary or you just want to reaffirm your commitment to each other. It is a wonderful opportunity to relive the memories of your wedding day, but this time, with your children as well. By involving the next generations in the ceremony and planning, this celebration becomes meaningful and memorable. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Best for Bride - Canada's leading bridal dress chain, suggests the following tips for planning an event that will be enjoyed by you and your spouse, as well as the rest of your family.

Keep it personal

Unlike weddings, there are no set rules for a vow renewal. It can be as elaborate or as intimate as you choose. Nevertheless, the main factor is acknowledging your sacred relationship with your spouse, and the promises you decide to keep. This is best done with a close group of friends and relatives, who have supported your love story and brought happiness to your life.

Make it a family affair

Include your entire family in the celebration, by assigning roles to each member. Older children can officiate the vow renewal while younger children can be ushers and bridesmaids. If you want it to be like a real wedding, you can even have your children escort you down the aisle or perform a reading. Don't forget the older generation either. Invite your parents to shower their blessings or make a speech on this occasion. You can find many more ideas on how to involve your family in the ceremony here.

Dress for the day

This is the right occasion to wear your carefully preserved original wedding dress, provided it still fits you. Or you can replace the traditional wedding dress with a cocktail dress or evening gown, depending on your taste. Whichever ensemble you and your partner choose, make sure you dress up! After all, it is a special day. Also have your family plan and co-ordinate their outfits in advance, so they look special too.

Plan a great party

Whether you choose to have a casual dinner in your backyard, or party afterwards at your favorite restaurant, make it is fun and entertaining. Everyone will enjoy dancing, so choose a play list that has something for everyone. Add a personal touch to the day by playing your original wedding day photos or video. Or take a trip down memory lane by displaying your favorite pictures from the time you were married to when your children arrived and you grew as a family.

Make this a day to remember, for you and everyone at your vow renewal! As you share this day with your friends and family, let all of them know how special they are to you. Thank them personally and take plenty of photographs to document this day forever.

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