Twosday...One, Two

Happy first Tuesday of 2016 everyone!!! Yes, it's a great feeling to start a new year. I feel like this year has to be so much better than last year. Way too much drama and negativity went on last year that has drove me crazy. Here's to a more happy and positive year!

I'm linking up with Stephanie today from for her Twos Day link up. Two random things? I totally love that idea... here are two of mine for this week.......


I am still going strong with my New Year's resolution which is super big for me as I usually do good for a while and then kaput! I feel this will be the year to not back down and not give up. I am a Dr. Pepper addict. As bad as I hate to admit that {since the stuff is like drinking liquid poison} I hate that I love it so much. Like literally...highly addicted to where I would drink a 2 liter a day...or sometimes more!!! I know, I feel so ashamed to even type this out.

So I decided this was the year to stop. Just stop. Kick the habit completely ASAP. Sadly, I was so addicted to it because it was the only source of caffeine intake. I do not drink coffee or tea and so being so exhausted all day with the little ones, I felt I needed it more and more to get my exhaustion migraines under control. That and I just can't help it. I love the taste so much.

So I threw all of it away and said no more! I honestly was a bit scared as I have quit in the past and have felt like pure crap for about two weeks in a relapse. I know, this sounds like a drug addict. That's how bad I was addicted to soda {or as I call it "pop"}.

Since stopping on New Years, I have turned my addiction now to cranberry juice. I can't seem to get enough of it. I know it still has sugar in it but it's has a not less crap than the Dr. Pepper did and so that it a good start. I have been drinking gallons of cranberry juice since day one. And I'm so glad to say, I think this may just help kick my pop addiction for good!


We have been getting ready to celebrate my youngest little one's second birthday in two days. I cannot believe two years has gone by since she was born. She certainly has been the child to test every element and limit in my body. She is very much the baby but she is a tough little cookie.

So trying to see what we are going to do to celebrate. She already got one of her gifts. It was this cool play kitchen that is like a cafe. You can take orders and the sandwich press actually steams. It's pretty nifty. All three kids love playing with it. I love those kinds of gifts. The ones that benefit them all so no one fights.

Right now she's really into Barney and Spongebob. So I was thinking of getting her a Spongebob cake but not sure if we are going to do cake or not. She really does amaze me everyday and here's to many more happy birthdays!