Soapbox Charcoal Lover Bundle Review

I am really excited to share with you a new product I got the opportunity to try out for all of you today. Have you heard of SoapBox? Soapbox is a great company that combines the love of entrepreneurship with the need of hygiene products. SoapBox Soaps was born, and the rest is in the suds!

Soapbox offers a variety of scents and products including Acai shampoo, Argon oil body wash, Bataua liquid hand soap, Coconut conditioner, Peppermint bar soap, and much more! And want to know another secret about their product line?

That's right! These products are made from great ingredients that are not harmful. So they are safe to use on anyone in your family. My family is pretty hard core on the Non-GMO moment and so Soapbox caught my eye immediately when I noticed that they are GMO free in their ingredients. Plus, the soaps are all made here in the USA.

I couldn't wait to give these a try and see how well my family and I would love them and what we really thought about it.

I had chosen the Charcoal Lover Bundle set. This set retails $24.99 and here is what is included with your purchase {1 Black body wash, 1 Black hand soap, and 2 Black bars}:

Everything is full sized at 16oz for the liquid soap and the body wash. The bars are weighed in at 5oz making them pretty large in size compared to other bars of soap. So just going by looks, this bundle kit is honestly highly reasonably priced for the products. I was honestly shocked these weren't selling for much higher but that is a great thing for those that like to stay healthy in hygiene and can't afford luxury products.

I chose the Charcoal Lover Bundle because of the amazing benefits I have heard about charcoal and our bodies. Charcoal is known to absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities, making it an excellent natural ingredient to help purify and detox. It draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.

The first product pictured is the All-Natural Body Wash. The wash is a thick, clear but creamy gel that has a hint of brown color to it. There is a minty smell that is not overpowering, but really only noticeable when closer to the nose.

The wash lathers up pretty nice for showertime and a little can really go a long way. Which is a great benefit when you have multiple people in your house using it. We tend to go through a bottle of body wash in a mere few days {which honestly I don't even see how, but it happens}....and therefore, I can see this lasting a lot longer because of the thickness in the mixture.

The next product pictured above is the All-Natural Liquid Hand Soap. The hand soap is a bit on the lighter side compared to the body wash. As you can see, the color is also lighter as well as the weight of it. But don't let that fool you, a little bit of soap seems to lather up nicely when wet and gives such a great, clean feeling to my hands when I used it. The scent again was more on the minty side. We have snow outside right now so it's very cold {said at this very moment, the weather feels like -8 with the wind chill...OUCH!!!} That can't be good for our skin at all. 

I never had dry skin until a few years ago when it got cold out and it is such a painful thing as my hands bleed severely when dry. This soap so far has not dried out my skin as other soaps I had been using. Which is a big plus! Especially in this time of the year.

Finally in the bundle set was the All-Natural Bar Soap. I did receive two but only am showing how one looked in the photo above because they were identical. The soap is a nice weighted bar and a dark grey color to it. We all agreed it had more of a lemon-grass scent to it which my family said they enjoyed this the best out of the other two products by scent only. 

My daughter tested out the soap for our photos and she was easily able to lather up the soap under the water in only a few seconds and she really liked how smooth it felt on her hands. Again, just as the liquid hand soap, the bar soap really seemed to be great for these cold, snowy days and nights we have had. No skin drying out so far! Win!!!

So not only are the products made with awesome natural ingredients that are safe for everyone to use on their body, but there is one more amazing thing about the Soapbox company as well. They have a campaign known as #HopeCode where for every product sold, they give a bar of soap or a month of clean water is given to someone in need.

The #HopeCode is located on the back of every product and you can then log onto their website and see where your purchase of their soap is helping someone else somewhere else that needs it as well.

Here is the code located on one of the back of my bars of soap. I simply input that into their site as shown below and it tells me where they are donating to help others. I can't tell you how much I love this! Humanity is winning for the greater good with this company.

I was very eager to see where the soap would be going to. And the results came in.....

So someone in India will be getting a cleaner day because of the amazing donation Soapbox is providing to them. How cool is that? And not to mention, heart warming!!

Overall I am very pleased with my Soapbox products. I think the company itself is amazing and unique, the products are safe and harmless, and the price is very reasonable for most budgets.

If you are looking to try Soapbox and their products, check out their website. I am positive you will find what you are looking for in so many different varieties. And tell me, have you ever purchased from Soapbox before? What were your thoughts on the products and company? I would love to hear them. Let's chat!