LUMINESS AIR AirSupremacy AirBrush Makeup

Hello everyone out there in BlogLand! Today's post is all about this fabulous product I have been dying to try out and review for you and I finally got it and now here it is. The wonderful and awesome revolutionary makeup by Luminess Air.

Luminess Air has this fantastic product line called AirSupremacy which is all airbrush makeup. Yes, airbrush makeup. I cannot wait to get started on show you all this.

Why was I so interested in trying out this product? Number one, I hate foundation. I absolutely hate it. And so I have been hearing so much about how airbrush foundation is nothing like traditional liquid foundation. It doesn't go on thick or feel cakey or like your skin can't breathe.

I do not have the best skin. It's uneven, it has lots of scarring and fine lines {which really makes me super self conscious}. Therefore, traditional foundation and makeup in general tends to make those ugly features stand out even more instead of hiding them for me.

Luminess Air is known for many things. But here are the most common
- Airbrush technology without the machine
- Superior buildable, breathable coverage
- Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist tested
- Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles & texture
- Paraben, fragrance & oil-free
- Never tested on animals
-Ideal for sensitive skin
- No mess application

As you can see, everything came in a nice, sturdy box filled with cute little pink paper worms. There was also an instruction manual, two shades of foundation, one blush, and one professional grade brush.

To use the product, you just have to shake the desired can for about five seconds to mix around the pigment and gently spray onto your face. You can do it in little strokes or continuous. I have done it both ways and just prefer the continuous spray.

Next, take the brush and blend around the foundation while it's still a little wet on your face. This helps smooth it out and blend it nicely. After that, use your blush and spray lightly in little sprays on the apples of your cheeks. Then use your brush to smooth that around to blend in nicely.

And that's it! You are ready to go. 

Here's a little video I put together of just how it works. Enjoy!!

So what did I really think about this product?

- Goes on fast, easy, and virtually with no issues
- Feels super light and doesn't look greasy or cakey
- Cans are small enough that they are easy to travel with
- You get a lot even though the can looks small
- Doesn't make you suffocate spraying it on
- Zero smell which is awesome
- Overall, doesn't feel like makeup

- If you aren't careful, the blush goes on way too dark & streaky
- Was a bit hard choosing the right shades. I think I went too light in my selection

Overall, I am very pleased with this product. I didn't really have a much to say negative of the product and honestly was taking me a while to think about anything I wasn't happy with. I would give it a 98% rating. This is a product I would honestly keep buying month after month. And I never say that about foundation at all! So to me, this is totally worth it. 

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However, there just isn't foundations and blushes. Luminess Air AirSupremacy offers a variety of tattoo coverage, blemish coverage, body shimmers, and other sprayable beauty products for all your pretty needs.

Have you ever tried Luminess Air or any other airbrush makeup before? What did you think? Let me know below. Let's chat!