Wishlist Wednesday Link-Up : Holiday Party

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Good morning blogland! Welcome back to the fourth week of Wishlist Wednesday. Where every week you can link up what you have your eye on and put on your "wishlist".

Every Wednesday morning, from now til New Years, I'll be posting a link up that will have a new theme each week. Though you don't have to specially follow the theme, it's just there as an idea.

So have fun and I hope you all decide to join in with me and make this a great and fun couple of months each week.

Wishlist Wednesday : Join In Every Wednesday Morning

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Wishlist Wednesday

This week's theme is Holiday Party. Link up a few of your favorite finds this week that you are wishing for that would get you into the party mood. Whether it be an Ugly Sweater party, Office Christmas party, a Family Get-Together, or a little of everything. Show off how you would celebrate. Add your post below.

This is my Holiday Party Wishlist this week. I went with my top choices for Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is "A Christmas Story" and my favorite part has always been when the dad receives the leg lamp in that big ol' crate and he says those oh-so-famous words ..... "F-R-A-G-I-L-E Must be Italian!" You know I would rock this all year round. Not just Christmas.

Of course this sweater rocks! I mean, it says "Bitches" on it LOL ... can't get much funnier than that now. I would totally wear this. Maybe though not to my parents Christmas party.

Even though this page has a lot of typos when you click to order it, the sweater is still cute. Honestly, an ugly sweater doesn't come to mind when I see this. Is that bad? Hahaha
But I really think this is cute. I would love to embarrass my kids by wearing this around the store with them.

You know this is funny. The murder of a bunch of gingerbread cookies being decapitated most likely by Santa. The terror in those poor little cookies eyes are enough to know it's so wrong to find this funny, but I do.

Because I love wine...a little too much, I must say, I have to have this sweater. I can't stop thinking about just how perfect this is for Christmas. Or if you are a really busy mom like myself, this is probably one of those sweaters I would just wear everyday hahaha. But I really like this one a lot.