12 Days of Blogmas: Day Six

Today is going on the 6th day of Blogmas. In case you missed my previous posts, I also participated in Day Four and Day One. So we are going through today and sharing our six favorite Christmas movies.

This one is hard because there are so many great movies out there just devoted to Christmas time. How can I choose just six? But I think I was able to narrow them down. I chose the first six that popped into my head as ones I enjoy now or  as a child.

So let's get started. These are in no particular order...... Ok, wait!! So I lied, the first one is my absolutely favorite Christmas movie of all time. So this one had to go first. The rest are in no particular order. Maybe you have some of the same favorites as I do.

I had to start off with A Christmas Story. Hands down, this has been my favorite Christmas movie since I can remember. Who could resist Ralphie's desire to own a Red Ryder B.B. gun and the lengths he goes through to let everyone know it's his one and only wish that year.

And let's not forget Ralphie's annoying little brother. The scene where he cries because he can't put his arms down and his mother just basically tells him to just deal with it is classic. The kid just can't get a break.

And of course, the infamous leg lamp. Electric sex glowing from the living room {as Ralphie would put it}. Mr. Parker prized his leg lamp as if it were made of pure gold. That lamp seemed to be his everything.

And how Aunt Clara seemed to forget Raphie wasn't a four year old girl and made him the "pink nightmare" bunny suit. Poor kid. Though I would totally wear it.

And of course, how could we leave out Scut Farkus? Probably the ugliest kid I have ever laid eyes upon. So horrible to say, I know.. but he was just a bad, mean bully.

Christmas would just not be complete without Clark, Eddie, Aunt Bethany, poor Ruby Sue, Art as evil as he is, and Ellen. These guys know how to make a person go insane. This movie is classic as it is hilarious. 

Aunt Bethany as old as she is, pouring cat food on the jello, Eddie dumping his "toxic waste" into the sewer. Clark and his obsession to get those darn lights to work, and Art so greedy and stingy to his employees. This movie is great from start to finish. I can't say anything bad about this movie.

My favorite character has to be Eddie though. He is gross, unmannered, crazy...and all around, you can't help but want more LOL. He really makes me laugh through the entire movie.

This movie is always on the top of my list to watch over and over. I love Bad Santa. He's such a real turd but you can't help to love him or hate him...and mostly... just hate him. He does everything wrong and is not what anyone would consider Santa. But he somehow has a change of heart at the end to his hellish ways.

Posing as Santa and an elf just to rob stores on Christmas sure beats a 9-5 for Willie and Marcus. They seem to have it down to the tee. And it's pretty impressive just how good they are.

I always felt bad for Thurman {or The Kid}, because he gets picked on so bad and has no one there to help him stand up for himself...until Bad Santa that is. He teaches him the ways of a man..when he's not passed out from all the alcohol he's been drinking.

I love the nasty humor and vulgarity of this movie so much. It's so bad, it's good! I don't think I would ever want Willie to be my Santa, but he sure makes this a bad boy of a movie.

This is my oldest daughter's favorite Christmas film. Who couldn't love Tim Allen trying to do everything in his power to hold Frosty hostage and ignore the Christmas spirit? Not I...this movie is as cute as it is funny. Trying to cancel Christmas and spend a week on a cruise instead? I have to say, I'm a bit jealous as I would love to be able to drop everything and go on a cruise myself instead of Christmas. 

I think my favorite part of the entire movie is when Jamie Lee Curtis is running around the grocery store looking for her Hickory Ham. And bribes the people at the check out to buy it off of them only to watch it roll away into the parking lot and get smashed by a truck. The look on her face is priceless and makes me laugh every time. Is a ham really that serious? I guess so. 

And Blair has no idea anything is even going on which makes it even more interesting to know whether or not they may just pull off Christmas..or cancel it for good.

"We top flight of the world, Craig. Not just the city, the world!" as Day-Day would say. This brings out the ho ho ho and all that jolly cheer in a bad boy way. Hands down, I have this movie memorized. Sad but true. 

One of the best trilogies of a series and it does not disappoint. I can't stop laughing throughout it's vulgar humor and cast of new and old characters. From a crazed, hyper rent-a-cop to a wannabe pimp....this comedy has me on the floor like I'm "between a pimp and a hard place"..as Money Mike would say.

Being poor and having Santa rob you is pretty rough. But when you are Craig and Day-Day, that is only the beginning of your adventure to save Christmas...and your rent money. What could possibly go wrong as they try to protect the shopping center on Christmas Eve? A whole lot of hot mess!!! That's for sure.

Last but not least, is The Nutcracker Prince. This movie came out when I was eight years old. And since that time, I have loved this movie. I had always had a love for the Nutcracker music and ballet. And when this came out, it was no surprise it would become a favorite as well.

I love this version of the tale of how the Nutcracker came to be and how Clara has to help break the spell to bring him back to human form again and not the Prince of the Dolls. I love the time period this tale is set in and how it brings the romantic music to life in a children's story.

The other night I found the full movie on youtube and put it on for my own children to watch. It was a hit and my oldest kept asking to watch it over again. So we definitely all agree on this movie as a Christmas favorite.

What would you say are your top six favorite Christmas movies? Do we have any in common? Also, if you want to link up, head on over to The Petite Mrs or The Coastal Couple and join in the fun.